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Promotional Gift Trends for a Female Audience

When running your business, a solid marketing strategy is vitally important to your success. This is where promotional items enter the picture as they help increase your exposure while making your customers feel good at the same time. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy getting something for free? If you are primarily focusing on a female audience for your products or services, here are a few of the trending items that are sure to make a big impact in the upcoming year.


Smartphone Accessories

In these days where everyone has a smartphone, why not give your customers something to help them get more out of these devices? Your female clients will especially love the accessorising aspect here as they personalise their mobiles to reflect their needs. From USB speakers to protective cases, there is so much that you can supply. Another great aspect of these kinds of items is that they are highly visible whenever a customer takes a call. Tap into your female customers’ desire to personalise their belongings, making them feel more comfortable around your brand name at the same time. Remember that women can be as technological as men!

Drink Bottles

Water; it’s essential yet can cost the Earth if purchased at a corner store or supermarket. Because of this, promotional water bottles are now trending amongst the female target base, as no one wants to take a cheap, generic bottle to work. Instead, let them drink in style with some designer bottles and flasks with your logo emblazoned across the front. In this way, they can satisfy their thirst in a fashionable manner, giving your company added exposure in the process. Water bottles are also cheap to make too, meaning that this is a promotional item that will not cost you a fortune to manufacture.


As one of the heavyweights of free marketing, clothing continues to be a trendsetter this year, especially for female audiences. Women everywhere love the chance to dress up and look their best, so the savvy advertising guru knows how to tap into this. From promotional wristbands to branded t-shirts, there are plenty of ways in which you can help your clients look amazing while boosting your corporate visibility at the same time. Also remember that there are plenty of different styles available here too, allowing you to give your customers both formal and casual items to wear and display while out and about.

Health & Body

Another mainstay of marketing material is the branded health and lifestyle product. From lip balms to shampoo, you have plenty of choice when it comes to providing your female market the items that they need for free. After this, you can guarantee that your brand will be seen on a regular basis. You can also put your logo on more permanent items such as compact mirrors, manicure sets and eye masks. These products are looking to be the next best thing when it comes to supplying gifts to your female audience in the future.

Bags & Purses

One final type of promotional item that is trending is the handbag, satchel or purse. This is a good idea for those looking to give their customers something special to show your appreciation for their purchases. By making a smart decision here, you will also guarantee yourself a better chance of exposure, since a well-designed handbag will be more likely to be used while out and about. While this product will cost a little extra, the added customer satisfaction and corporate visibility that you gain will certainly be worth it once your sales increase and profits skyrocket afterwards.

About the Author:

Dynamic Gift is a supplier of customised promotional products in Australia. The company provides a wide range of items, including mugs, pens, and USB drives.

Diamond Rings are a Man’s Best Friend
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6 Reasons Why Diamond Rings are a Man’s Best Friend

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘diamond’? It is probably love and rightly so, because diamonds have been synonymous with love for more than a century now. However, people tend to forget the more practical properties of diamonds. We shall mention some of these below. Now, all of us have heard of diamonds being a girl’s best friend, but they can be man’s best friend too. Here’s why:

Diamonds are tough:

Diamonds are known to be the toughest natural material in the world. This is beneficial to men as they are known to be rougher in nature when it comes to handling jewelry. This is why a piece of jewelry that can withstand rough use will serve men well.

Diamonds are lasting:

Diamonds are very durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily wear better than any other precious stone. They are also scratch resistant and can only really be scratched using another diamond. You can wear a piece of diamond jewelry without worry about it losing its brand new look.

Diamonds are a good investment:

Men want to be successful and good investments are a part of financial success. Men are constantly looking for new investment ventures. Sometimes, they also think of investment when they are buying something. When men buy something, they want it to last and probably grow in value. This is why diamonds are a good investment because their value constantly appreciates. Although diamonds are usually given as gifts, you don’t want to buy something that loses its value over time.

Diamonds add class and style:

You can wear a whole array of gold and silver jewelry and still not look classy. There is something about diamonds that adds style n elegance to anything. Maybe it’s the price or maybe it’s the look. You can wear anything nice and be confident that your diamond or diamonds will complete your look. Moreover, diamonds go well with a huge number of metals like gold, silver, copper, tungsten and platinum, giving you a lot of versatility and variety.

Diamonds come in many colors:

When we say diamonds, we tend to think of the classic transparent white color, but you diamonds in other colors too, even black. Diamonds are versatile and are color treated to add a hue to the stone. Also, brown is another natural color for diamonds and such brown diamonds are known as cognac diamonds. Both these colors also tend to look classy and powerful on men. Also, they complement clothes of different colors and patterns naturally.

Diamonds are diamonds:

You could wear any other precious gem and still not get the charm of a diamond. Like they say, a diamond is a diamond. Their beauty is unparalleled and they are associated with the strongest of human emotions. It will be a long time before we see them fade away into oblivion.

These six reasons are proof enough that diamonds are a man’s best friend too. Now, whenever you buy diamond engagement rings or bracelets for yourself, you will be more knowledgeable about it. Also, you will remain unaffected by the salesmanship of the shopkeeper who will try and sell you the most expensive peace. Just remember to do a little more research on how to pick the right quality and cut. Once you know that, you are all geared up to buy your very own diamond engagement rings, chains and bracelets. Go ahead and gift a diamond accessory to a special someone or buy something special for yourself. Prepare to flash your dazzling diamond on the very next social occasion.

Author Bio:

Ray is a third generation businessman who deals exclusively in diamonds. With a decade of rich experience under his belt, he is highly knowledgeable about the field. He constantly advises people about diamond engagement rings due to his expertise.



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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: 4 Fashion Tips for a Wild Night on the Town

The mantra “look good, feel good” is commonly referenced in fashion. However, when it comes to a night on the town, I would add my own adapted saying of “dress fun, have fun.” When you go out for a night on the town after a stressful week at work, you want to really let loose and prepare for a good time, so why not take a few risks in your outfit choice? If you’re used to rocking the conservative professional look, these tips will help you break out of your shell with a sexy and flashy new image.

1. Wear Those Heels for Realz

Like every fashionista, you’re probably drawn by some unknown force to those shiny, outrageously high heels the second you walk in the shoe department. You don’t know why, and you know you’ll never wear them, but suddenly you’re asking the sales attendant for a size eight and then you’re walking out of the store, bag in hand. We’ve all been there. Your night out is finally the time for you to show off your wild side by strutting around in those seductive heels stowed in the back of your closet. Sure, your feet might be throbbing after a couple of hours, but once you catch a glimpse of your backside in a pair of these babies, you’ll have no problem biting the bullet.

2. Seduce the Guys with Smoky Eyes

The same way people tend to unlock a whole new personality when they wear costumes and masks, you can become your own evil twin with some seductive smokey eyes. I know what you’re thinking: “How original!” But you can make this makeup trend a bit more unique by adding a striking new twist. For example, apply your eyeliner in a cat eye shape for a sultry, dramatic look, or add some glitter for a glamorous sparkle. For better coordination with your outfit, you can play with some colored eyeliner or shadow for a unique touch that brings your whole look together.

3. Bling Till You Sing

A night out is one of the few occasions when it’s actually okay to break all the rules of jewelry-wearing. My own personal motto is “the more bling, the better.” Eye-catching drop earrings are a great go-to for adding sparkle to your outfit without compromising your cleavage the way bold necklaces do. Bangles are another fun trend for a night out, but they can get a bit annoying if you’re going to be dancing a lot. So if you plan on cutting the rug, try a diamond-studded watch for a sophisticated style.

4. Tighter is Righter

Even though you might be used to dressing modestly during your day-to-day, use your night out as a fun opportunity to show off those curves and embrace your bod. A tight dress is always a hot item for a night out, and there are tons of awesome styles this season to rock with this basic clubwear item. For example, cut-out styles are big in the fashion world, so trim down your waist and show a subtle bit of skin with side triangle cut-outs. Peplum is another awesome trend that flatters your figure while forgiving a less-than-toned tummy.

Sometimes you can easily transition a look from day to night, but other times you have to create a whole new you with your wardrobe. For a much-needed night out with the girls or a romantic date with your man, let your inner wild child shine through with a one-of-a-kind style that gives fierce a whole new meaning.

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape
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Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Did you know that the right pair of sunglasses can actually make your face look thinner? Just like certain types of clothing are best for certain body types; there are certain sunglasses that are best for certain face shapes.

If you want to look great in your shades, then use this as guide to help you shop!

Round Face

Round is one of the most common face shapes that people have. If this is your shape then you should stay away from colored lenses as well as round frames. Both of these can make your face look rounder, which isn’t something you will want! Rectangular frames are generally best for round faces because they make the face look longer and thinner. Don’t go for small squares though, you should go for wide rectangles that are a nice size.

Oblong Face

Sunglasses that are over-sized are going to be great for the oblong face shape. You might also want to explore wrap styles, which can help balance out the shape of your face so that it looks thinner. These styles are really popular right now and can be found at high-end department stores as well as cheap accessory stores.

Square Face

If you have a square face with a prominent square jawline and larger forehead, then you need to stay away from geometric shapes of sunglasses. Instead you should opt for round sunglasses that soften the edges of your jaw. Oval and cat’s-eye are also great shapes to use because they complement a square jaw line and they can help balance out the broadness of your forehead.

Heart Face

If you have a narrow chin and a wide forehead, then the shape that best suits you is going to be something that is the cat-eye shape. Round glasses are also great because they help make your face look narrower at the top. There are tons of beautiful cat-eye glasses to choose from as well as fun round glasses.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape you should consider yourself very lucky! Any shape of sunglasses is going to look great on you. From round to square and even aviator, you can take your choice of which you like. There are tons of great options out there and you can wear any of them without worrying about whether or not they complement your face shape.

When you’re shopping for your next pair of shades, it’s a good idea to try different styles on in person. This will ensure you truly choose a pair that you like and that look good on your face. When purchasing online you never know if you’re going to end up with glasses that will actually look good on you. It’s best to avoid the cycle of returning and re-purchasing if you can help it.

There are now a lot of styles made that complement all face types, so don’t think you won’t be able to find any! Don’t be afraid to try on styles that you would have never considered in the past. This could result in finding some glasses that really look great on your face.

Pairing a cool pair of sunglasses and a nice crossbody bag can transform you instantly in a urban fashion star. Always select carefully what works for you !

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Boots That Will Rock Your Festival Wardrobe

Which festival are you going to this year? V Festival, Reading, Download or Creamfields? Maybe you’re even lucky enough to be going to a rocking festival abroad somewhere. Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll want to look edgy and awesome, but you won’t want to bring your entire wardrobe with you; there just isn’t enough room in a tent for that! It’s all about picking a few key pieces that are versatile but also bang on trend. And there’s no better place to start than with your shoes – so here are my tips for finding boots that will rock your festival wardrobe…

Biker boots If you’re a proper rock chick look no further than some biker boots; you can find these in many more places than a motorcycle shop though! Ladies biker boots will come in a range of heights from ankle up to knee high, so you’ll be able to choose the boot that you find the most comfortable. You’ll find that most biker boots are black, but there are an assortment of decorative additions that set each boot apart. This includes studs and chains in black, gold and silver. Check the tread on the bottom of the boot to see how it will fare in muddier conditions.Ladies biker boots

Wellington boots If you are concerned about mud – and let’s face it, with the weather in the UK this isn’t exactly unusual – you might want to look at wellies instead. The main benefit of wellies is that they’ll keep your feet dry, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for necessity. You’ll see a lot of men wearing green wellies, but as women there is so much selection! Pick your favourite colour and you’ll be able to find a pair of wellies in that colour, and you’ll even find ones in leopard print or ones with studs. If you don’t want your legs to overheat, choose a pair of ankle wellies instead.

Cowboy boots If you want to bring a bit of American flair to the festival site, cowboy boots could be the ones for you. If the sun is shining, pair up your cowboy boots with a checked shirt and denim shorts. Alternatively you could go for the edgier look and wear your boots with a floaty dress – it’s very Glastonbury. The great thing about cowboy boots is that they come in a range of colours: brown, black, red, grey and more. A brown pair of boots is a more classic look, but there is nothing stopping you from showing off your individuality on the campsite.Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots Finally, if you want to represent the VIPs of the boot world, Chelsea boots might be more up your street. Patent Chelsea boots are brilliant because they can keep your feet dry, but also are fairly lightweight options. Picture a sleek ponytail, black blazer and these gorgeous boots; you’ll be turning heads in no time at your next festival.

About the author : Simon Hopes has been searching for her perfect festival wardrobe for 2013. She’s found a pair of ladies brown cowboy boots and will be basing all of her festival outfits around them this year.

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Swimwear Trends for this Summer

If you are like most other women around the country, you have started doing crunches every day to prepare for the advent of swimsuit season. Some people look forward to this time of year as a chance to show off their rockin’ bodies, while others spend hours searching for the perfect suit to camouflage their trouble spots. No matter where you are at in terms of height, shape, and size, the right swimwear is out there waiting for you. Combine some of this year’s hottest trends with the strong points of your figure for a winning style poolside or at the beach.

One Piece

After being dominated by tiny bikinis for what seemed like decades, the one-piece swimsuit is back in a big way. This is welcome news for those who wish to hide problem tummy areas or love handles and devastating news for those with trouble areas on their upper thighs. If you fall into the latter category, fear not. All one pieces are not created equal, and the high-cut one-piece suits you may remember from your past have not reared their heads again. Many of the one-piece suits this year feature a longer, retro styling along the leg area, so give them a whirl. You might be surprised.

Retro Style

The thirties, forties, and fifties are in when it comes to swimwear trends. Designers have found a way to make these more modest, super feminine looks achieve a cutting edge style. Retro prints like polka dots will be all over the beach this year.

High-Waisted Bottoms

This look goes hand-in-hand with the new love for retro swim style. It is welcome news for those who have trouble spots on their lower tummies, but who still want to wear a bikini or show off a small waist. This style is tres chic when matched with one of the retro-styled, cap-sleeved bikini tops you will find on the rack this year.

Mis-Matched Bikinis

Gone are the day when your top and bottom had to match. This year, the runways and celebrity shots from paparazzi demonstrate the many ways that you can mismatch your bikini in style. Try a bold black-and-white striped top or bottom with a bright color. Or grab a beautiful print and play up one of the colors in it.

Cut-Out Swimsuits

Whether you opt for a one piece or a bikini, cut-outs rule this year. Use this trend to show off your best features and hide ones that you want to keep a secret. If you have a great shape, but a little trouble with tummy fat, go for a one piece that has cutouts on the sides.

Neon Colors

Whether they are part of a graphic print or standing alone, neons are here to stay–at least for this year. This trend works for all shapes and sizes. Even if you don’t feel comfortable in a highlighter-yellow one-piece (who would?), you can still pair a neon bikini top with a black bottom or you can wrap a neon-pink sarong around your striped swimsuit. Neon colors flatter many skin tones and add a touch of style, youth, and fun to your poolside attire, so even if usually modest swimwear is your thing, it might be a good choice to give them a shot!

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Mawi Jewellery, a Powerful Fashion Statement You Should Be Making

Mawi jewellery is excellent for those who want to make a fashion statement that is bold and powerful, those who want high quality jewellery but want to wear jewellery that is modern and not boring, and those who like the idea of designs and jewellery reminiscent of ancient Egyptian, African and Asian styles.

People who enjoy making bold and powerful fashion statements will truly love Mawi jewellery, you can find mawi at benna. Mawi offers some of the most dynamic, aggressive styles on the market. However, none of the styles are unattractive. Mawi’s designers have somehow achieved a fine balance of beauty and strength. People that do not want to compromise quality for style will also appreciate Mawi jewellery. Too often you will find unique jewellery is usually made from cheap materials.

When you see jewellery made from high quality materials, it is often very conservative and run of the mill. With the Mawi line, almost all of their styles are bold and exciting, yet the design materials consist of high quality pure metals, semi-precious gemstones and fine gemstones. People that love tribal fashion styles will love Mawi jewellery; this style of jewellery typically reminds you of jewellery that comes from African and Asian cultures. It looks like the artwork that is authentic to the cultures and even the clothing styles. Many people would describe the Mawi line as tribal, yet non-specifically ethnic.

One good thing about Mawi jewellery is that it goes with many different fashion styles. Whether you like to dress conservatively, or you like to portray the steam punk look, you will find something from this line that will work with your favourite clothing look.

You can be a girlie fashionista, a heavy metal guitar player or a history teacher and you will find an item from this line that speaks to you. This is because of the material selections Mawi designers have chosen to use. Materials like gold, turquoise and hematite are fine quality, yet the colouring is subtle and beautiful. However, the Mawi jewellery line might not work for every fine dining or formal occasion.

Mawi designs will work for many dressy occasions, but not all of them. In addition, because of the materials that these items are made from, you cannot wear the jewellery everywhere. It is valuable and you might become the target for criminal behaviour. Though it might be tempting to wear these items to your local music festival, it might not be the best idea.

Buying Shoes Online
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Things to Know About Buying Shoes Online

Online shopping is the latest trend that has caught on with consumers. A lot of people find online shopping easy, comfortable, and time saving, for everything they want to purchase. Previously, online shopping was used only for booking tickets and banking, but as technology has improved, people have begun to use online shopping to purchase items like shoes, dresses, and other articles of their choice.

There are many websites that provide incredible offers on online shopping of shoes and other items. The good thing about online shoe stores is that they have the latest range of shoes, which is yet to come out in the market. This is because most online shoe stores get their supplies directly from manufacturers and dealers. However, while these online shoe stores may be offering great discounts and trendy items, there are certain things that you should consider when you are shopping online for shoes. Here are some of them:

• Size of your shoes: You must know the exact size of your feet, to order a pair of shoes from an online shoe store. Also, have a good look at the shape of your feet, so that you find shoes that will fit your feet. It is often seen that some shoes are not very broad, and could be tight for some feet. Consider the shape and size of your feet, to get the right kind of shoe from an online store. Some feet are wider than others. Keep this in mind when you go to buy online shoes.
• Check your favorite shoes: All of us have a favorite pair of shoes that fits us perfectly and is very comfortable. We also have shoes that rub the feet and often injure it, when worn. Take some time to check the shape and size of your favorite shoes, in addition to the material used for making it. Once you have this information, you will be able to buy a good pair of shoes from an online shoe store.
• Brand of Shoes: We all have inclinations towards specific brands of shoes. However, a majority of shoe makers have similar shapes and designs of shoes, for sale online. This benefits you a lot, especially if your feet fit a specific size manufactured by a particular brand. Draw a list of the brands whose shoes you would like to buy, and check your fit before buying shoes.

• Cheap and money saving: Online shoe stores always offer some discounts. When you buy shoe online, a cheap shoe will certainly not hurt your wallet. However, sometimes, cheap shoes may hurt your feet. So, it is better to buy a branded pair of shoes on discount, than a cheap shoe for a lesser price. These cheap shoes are often made from cheap material, and have wrong shapes and sizes that possibly won’t fit your feet. When you buy online shoes, it is better to look for branded shoes that are available online at special discounts and low prices.
• Go to established online stores: You wouldn’t like to be cheated while buying shoes online. The best suggestion for those who wish to buy shoes from online stores is to only visit those online shoe stores that are well-established and have a good reputation. If you don’t do a little homework before buying shoes online, you might hurt yourself. A little homework will certainly help you find the best possible shoes for your feet.
• Consider reviews: In pictures, shoes usually look awesome. Hence, one should always read reviews written by people who have previously made purchases from online shoe stores. Images can be deceptive, and you need to check the opinion of different people, regarding a certain type of shoe or brand of shoes.

These are a few things that will require your attention, when you buy online shoes.

Marc Jacobs
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Today’s Top Fashion Designers


The world of fashion always has been enriched by various designers who have contributed their creativity to start trends or dust off old trends with a new twist. While some established fashion designers continue their legacy there are some new upcoming designers who have started their own clothing lines or fashion houses to take the fashion to new levels. Fashion industry had been considered as a highly male and European dominated field. But now the upcoming fashion designers are an ensemble of male and female talent from various parts of the world. Following are some of the well established and upcoming fashion designers who are currently active in the field.

Marc Jacobs

This American born designer is often considered as highly influential in the field of fashion. Each season he does not fail to come up with innovative ideas. One season he dusts off the trends of ‘40s to life and next season he brings the ‘80s fashions back into life. In 1986 he launched his signature collection which was very well received by the fashion enthusiasts as well as fashion critiques. Later in 2001 his secondary line was introduced which was named “Marc by Marc Jacobs”. He spends most of his time in Paris and currently the creative director of Louis Vuitton. His latest collection was in the lines of current fashion trends.


In 2008 this New York-based fashion designer came to the spotlight since he created the floral-print dress for Mrs. Obama for the evening when Mr. Obamas accepted 2008 the nomination for presidency. This Thai-born designer Thakoon Panichgul, is well known for his timeless chic looks and eye for detail. In 2004 he launched his label “Thakoon” with a capsule collection (a set of apparel items that can be worn in various combinations to produce several looks) that consisted of ribbon-tie jackets and taffeta skirts etc. He was nominated for a CFDA Swarovski Award for Womens wear in 2008.

Dolce and Gabana

This fashion label is the brainchild of two Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They are well known for taking the inspiration from Italy’s prestigious film history for their fashion creativity. They claim that when they design it is like a movie. They said to be thinking of a story and design the clothes to go with that theme. The brand is famous for its clothing, jewellery, footwear and also they dominate a large percentage of the sunglasses market. Many of the clothes coming under this line are black in colour and extremely vibrant.

Stella McCartney

At the age of 15 she managed to be named as a fashion designer instead of being introduced as the daughter of the ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. In 2001 a fashion house was launched named under her own name. Being a life long vegetarian, fur and leather are not used for her designs. While she supports PETA, she managed to integrate her love for animals to her creative work. For instance once she released some designs with slogans such as “Suitable for sporty vegetarians”. But wool, silk and other animal derived fabrics are being used to express her creativity.


This guest article is written by Melissa Welsh. Melissa is working as a freelance content writer. She loves to explore her content writing skills in various fields. Currently she is writing some interesting articles about made to measure shirts.

Dress for the occasion
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What Do your Clothes Say About You?

If you see a woman walking down the street wearing a long flowery sundress, strappy sandals and wide-brimmed sun hat, do you assume she’s a powerful Wall Street executive? Probably not. Whether we like it or not, we all tend to draw conclusions based on the clothing someone wears.

So, what do your clothes say about you? Are they conveying the message you want to send?

Dress for the occasion

Whether you’re heading to a job interview or a pool party, the key to making a good impression is to dress for the occasion.

You’ve always been told you should wear a suit for a job interview, but that’s not necessarily true. Ideally, your outfit should be slightly dressier than your interviewer’s outfit. When someone contacts you to arrange an interview, it’s okay to ask about the company culture. You may pick on cues that help you figure out what to wear.

What your shoes say

You might be surprised at how much your footwear tells other people about who you are. The Journal of Research in Personality reported that in a study, participants who looked at photos of shoes were able to guess with 90 percent accuracy a person’s age, gender, income, political affiliation and personality traits like introversion and extroversion.

Some of the study’s conclusions were:

  • Flashy, colorful shoes indicate extroversion
  • Boring shoes indicate difficulty in forming relationships
  • Ankle boots are associated with an aggressive personality
  • Uncomfortable looking shoes indicate calmness

Accessories are clues about you

When you walk into a party wearing a huge rhinestone collar necklace, you’re telling people, “I’m not a wallflower.” Your jewelry says a lot about who you are. For example, people who wear chunky wooden necklaces, hemp bracelets or jewelry with leafy designs tend to be outdoorsy and down-to-earth.

If you’re the sporty type, you probably favor jewelry with clean lines, like a simple initial necklace, a pair of small silver hoop earrings or a single stretchy bracelet.

While you shouldn’t have to hide your personality to impress people, remember to choose accessories appropriate for the occasion—so if you’ve got that flashy rhinestone necklace, don’t wear it to a job interview.

How your attire can hurt you

Psychology Today wrote about a study conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom and Turkey that examined whether subtle changes in attire could have an impact on perceived competency in the workplace. Using female models and assigning them all fictitious titles—from senior manager to receptionist—researchers presented images of the models wearing slightly different outfits to 129 other women. The models’ faces were pixelated in the images, and participants were asked to rate the models on trustworthiness, organization, competency and other factors.

The study found that when the models wore slightly revealing clothing—skirts above the knee and a blouse button undone—the women rating the images ranked the senior manager images less favorably than images of senior managers wearing longer skirts and a buttoned blouse.

Putting it all together

Many people like to think they’re logical and fair, but we clearly make judgments about others based on what they wear. So the next time you’re trying to figure out what to wear, think about whether it’s sending the message you want to convey.