3 Black Fashion Pieces to Have in Your Closet this Season

Though black is a color that never goes out of style, there are definitely times and places where wearing black is thought to be inappropriate. Why is that? The world has hopefully gotten over the idea that black is only a color to be worn at funerals. Considering a majority of the world is no longer forced to be in mourning for months at a time, black should now be a color that can be worn at all times, whenever a person pleases.

Too much black is often associated with the stereotype of being gothic. As long as you’re not decked out from head to toe in black, with a black floor length trenchcoat and lipstick to go with, you’re probably fine. Black on black on black is actually doable and acceptable, too. It’s about how you layer the pieces of clothing, and it’s all about texture and intent.

If you’re a lover of black, or you just need to know how to rock it, here are 5 black fashion pieces to have in your closet this season.

The Shoes to Match Anything

Shoes can make or break an outfit. It’s a challenging part of your wardrobe altogether. You want to be comfortable, but you also want your shoes to match what you’re wearing. If you’re sporting a v-neck and a pair of jeans, you’re probably not going to want to wear those flashy shoes you wear to the gym. This is where you want to have that perfect pair of black shoes to match any outfit you’re going to wear.

The Leather Jacket

There is nothing more classic than a black leather jacket. It’s sexy on men and women, and your hard-core meter goes up about 100 points every time you dawn that bad boy. Black goes with everything, leather keeps you warm, and leather is durable. If you invest in the perfect leather jacket, you’ll have it for years to come, you’ll be able to wear it with anything, and you’ll feel like a million bucks. You can’t go wrong.

The Black Pants

The kind of black pants you have is all up to you. It can be leggings, black denim, black corduroy, or any other kind of black pants you find. As long as they look good on you, you’re solid. Black is thought to be the forgiving color, so having black pants is a complete no-brainer for anyone wanting to look fabulous and raven colored at the same time.

You’ve now got the three basics in your closet. Shoes to match anything, the leather jacket to step up your game, and the black pants to make you look flawless and sophisticated at the same time. Put them all on, wear your favorite shirt, and you’re set for anything.

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