5 Beauty Tips For Feeling Great On The Beach This Summer

As summer approaches us and the season of body-bearing begins, it’s good to prepare yourself.  Feeling your best is a priority, while also making healthy beauty choices.

In order to feel fantastic and be the best version of yourself on the beach this summer, keep these beauty tips in mind.


Skip The Razor

Rather than taking a razor to your bikini line and cursing yourself with a bikini line full of angry red bumps, skip the razor altogether.  Since the bikini zone is such a delicate area, it can be a breeding ground for potential skin issues.

With the warm weather and your delicate skin rubbing against your pants, you’re better off choosing alternative methods for hair removal such as laser hair removal.  Opting for laser hair removal, for example, means that you won’t have to worry about hair removal ever again.

Although an appointment may cost more than buying a razor or waxing, the results are far better. Not to mention you spend less long term.


As we go throughout the day, our skin is absorbing all sorts of different things from the air.  From dirt to pollution, it starts to build up and create a layer of muck. to get you own custom beauty creams and other products, just click here now.

Many people don’t realize that it’s vital to exfoliate daily to reveal glowing smooth skin.  Without this step in our skincare routine, our skin starts to appear dull and lifeless.

For the body, you should consider an exfoliating glove, and use it in circular movements with considerable pressure.  Whereas on the face, you should use a gentler method, like an enzyme powder, which doesn’t require much pressure at all.


Wear Sunscreen

Some people think that sunscreen is only for direct sunlight.  However, even on overcast days in the shade, the sun is still giving off harmful rays.  Sunscreen should be applied to the skin every single day in order to preserve your skin’s youth.

At the beach when in strong sunlight you should apply an SPF of 50 or more, and always re-apply after 3 hours.  Applying sunscreen won’t just help prevent cancer – it will also keep you looking younger over time.


Pay For a High-Quality Suit

When it comes to your suit, don’t skimp on the price.  Realistically, you’ll need to spend at least $50 on a quality suit that won’t squeeze you in all the wrong places.

Some people who have never bought a high-quality suit before are shocked by how great they feel in one for the first time.  The way that you feel and look in a suit which compliments your curves is worth its weight in gold.


Use a Gradual Self-Tanner

Before you hit the local beaches near San Francisco, CA apply a gradual self-tanner.  As a result, you won’t blind the other beachgoers, but will also avoid looking like an orange mess.

Follow these steps and you’ll be feeling like a beach babe in no time

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