A Gentleman’s Guide to Wearing a Scarf

A Gentlemans Guide to Wearing a ScarfThough Australia is known for its sunny weather, those of us who live here definitely feel the chill from time to time. If you are feeling a bit cold and you don’t know what to do about it, it is time for you to consider a scarf. From traditional scarves to footy scarves too many men dismiss scarves as being feminine attire, but the truth is that a good scarf is perfect for anyone, man or woman.

First, make sure that you get a scarf that is long enough. In general, all you need to know is that the scarf should be as long as you are tall. If you are a larger man, this might take some searching, but stick with this search metric. This ensures that your scarf will not look too small or dainty on you.

Choose a natural fiber. There are plenty of different scarf types out there, but the natural fiber scarves are the best when you are thinking about fashion. Not only do natural fibers hold more warmth than synthetics, you will also find that they have a better drape. Put simply, that means that the scarf sits around your neck in an attractive way. A synthetic fiber might result in the scarf being too stiff to sit well.

Experiment with different ways to wear the scarf. The most common and traditional way for a man to wear a scarf is to simply drape the middle of the scarf over the back of his neck and let the ends dangle around down his front. Another fantastic way is to fold the scarf in half along the width and then to pull the loose ends through the loop formed. The man’s head is in the center of this knot, and when the ends are pulled, the scarf tightens around his neck.

Consider color. When you are about and about in winter, you have likely noticed how dark and dull it is. Most of us have winter coats that are black, gray or beige, and when you want to throw something a little more interesting into the mix, use your scarf to do so. If you have a black coat, why not throw a royal blue scarf on? If you have a beige coat, why not choose something in a vivid scarlet?

Take a moment and think about how stylish and warm a scarf can keep you. It really is a terrific way to make sure that you look and feel exactly as you wish!

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