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Accessorize for Spring

With every season comes a new trend in the fashion world from floaty summery prints to hippy Autumn boho; there is a style and look that is intrinsic with every season. So what about Spring? Well this time of year is just screaming out for whites, brights and pastels that reflect the colours we can see around us both in the re-awakening of the countryside and the celebration of Easter. The high street stores and internet shops are simply bursting with Spring fashion and the style is an easy one to recreate.

But as we all know, the key to any look is in the detailing and the clever use of accessories can change a generic Spring look into something unique and exciting. Read on for some top tips on hot accessories and way to accessorize this Spring.

Belt Up

Belts have to be the number one accessory for Spring as they can dramatically change an outfit taking it from frumpy to funky and revamping older pieces. A chunky knit winter dress combined with a plaited belt, bare legs, chunky boots and multiple long stranded beads is a great way to revamp last season’s clothes. They are also an easy way to add in this seasons bright, white or pastel colour trends in a small and easy to manage area if you are feeling a bit tentative about shaking of the greys, navies and blacks of Winter.

Watch out

Oversized watches with coloured faces and metallic straps compliment the fresh look of Spring fashion whilst adding a touch of industrialism. To really exaggerate this tougher edge, go for a super sized mans time piece and watch your friends swoon! And remember your watch doesn’t have to be on your wrist, pocket watches, necklace watches and nurses watches are all big in fashion right now. If you can remember back to early nineties fashion ring watches were huge and they are making a comeback so dig your old one out, dust it off and wear it with pride.


There are two key trends to watch out for. The first picks up on this industrial theme and sees thick metal collars combined with bright enamelled patterns that link into the ethnic trend. The second is luxury strand gold necklace which is worn in multiple layers combining contrasting materials, colours and lengths for a carefully thrown together look. In addition, the statement necklace is a lasting trend which translates well across the seasons so don’t ditch your concept pieces just yet!

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