Best Comfort Travel Outfits For Staying Fashionable in Flight

When it comes to traveling, what is considered acceptable clothing in flight and transit can vary widely. While some women seem committed to their everyday wardrobe of heels, pencil skirt and all; other women have no problem dawning that Disneyland hoodie over Mickey Mouse pajama pants. In reality, though, most women probably want to maintain a look that falls somewhere in-between these two extremes from their shoes to their tops.

When flying, you are saying goodbye to loved ones at one end, and making a first impression upon arrival at the other end. Your clothing needs to be the perfect combination of flattering and fashionable, and comforting and low-maintenance. Included here are a few outfits that will keep you looking confident and feeling your best, while also remaining wrinkle-free and comfy on the plane.

Suave Sweaters

For those who love the comfort of a hoodie but find the appearance abhorrent, a sweater may be just the perfect medium. Everything from a turtle-neck to a woven wool could have a place in your travel fashion. Be sure your sweater choices are loose enough to remain comfortable and made from materials that neither wrinkle or cause itchiness. Your cozy sweater can be paired with anything from a fitted slack to a flowing skirt.

Make It Maxi

In recent years, maxi dresses have made a comeback, much to the delight of comfort-seeking fashion bugs everywhere. The maxi dress is essentially a floor-length dress, typically made of a soft, shifting material like jersey-knit or chiffon. Maxi dresses are beloved by women everywhere for their basic versatility, elegant design, and comfortable features.

Depending on where you are traveling, you can choose a maxi of heavier or lighter fabric, bright or dark colors, and long or short sleeves. Accessorizing is also incredibly easy with a maxi, as they can go with nearly any long necklaces and bangle bracelets. Pairing maxis with a fashionable pair of flats will also keep you quite comfortable in flight while looking stunning upon arrival.

Secure Skirts

While many women have bid “adieu” to the dress days, your in-flight fashionista may beg you to look again. Skirts are a classically attractive look and offer unmatched comfort when traveling. Look for skirts that are of a longer length which allow you to pull your legs up on the seat. Also purchase heavier materials, such as a skirt made from suede or jersey knit, to prevent any blow-up. Skirts can be paired with a tucked cotton tee and cute flats to finish your look and keep you comfortable.

Going for Gauchos

While the jury is still out on gauchos for some women, other women find these loose, comfortable pants to be incredibly flattering. Gauchos are very loose-fitting, making them ideal for flight comfort, but must be made of a wrinkle-free material. Paired with a low heeled boot and a tucked shirt, gauchos can help you maintain a sleek style without sacrificing service.

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