Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Did you know that the right pair of sunglasses can actually make your face look thinner? Just like certain types of clothing are best for certain body types; there are certain sunglasses that are best for certain face shapes.

If you want to look great in your shades, then use this as guide to help you shop!

Round Face

Round is one of the most common face shapes that people have. If this is your shape then you should stay away from colored lenses as well as round frames. Both of these can make your face look rounder, which isn’t something you will want! Rectangular frames are generally best for round faces because they make the face look longer and thinner. Don’t go for small squares though, you should go for wide rectangles that are a nice size.

Oblong Face

Sunglasses that are over-sized are going to be great for the oblong face shape. You might also want to explore wrap styles, which can help balance out the shape of your face so that it looks thinner. These styles are really popular right now and can be found at high-end department stores as well as cheap accessory stores.

Square Face

If you have a square face with a prominent square jawline and larger forehead, then you need to stay away from geometric shapes of sunglasses. Instead you should opt for round sunglasses that soften the edges of your jaw. Oval and cat’s-eye are also great shapes to use because they complement a square jaw line and they can help balance out the broadness of your forehead.

Heart Face

If you have a narrow chin and a wide forehead, then the shape that best suits you is going to be something that is the cat-eye shape. Round glasses are also great because they help make your face look narrower at the top. There are tons of beautiful cat-eye glasses to choose from as well as fun round glasses.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape you should consider yourself very lucky! Any shape of sunglasses is going to look great on you. From round to square and even aviator, you can take your choice of which you like. There are tons of great options out there and you can wear any of them without worrying about whether or not they complement your face shape.

When you’re shopping for your next pair of shades, it’s a good idea to try different styles on in person. This will ensure you truly choose a pair that you like and that look good on your face. When purchasing online you never know if you’re going to end up with glasses that will actually look good on you. It’s best to avoid the cycle of returning and re-purchasing if you can help it.

There are now a lot of styles made that complement all face types, so don’t think you won’t be able to find any! Don’t be afraid to try on styles that you would have never considered in the past. This could result in finding some glasses that really look great on your face.

Pairing a cool pair of sunglasses and a nice crossbody bag can transform you instantly in a urban fashion star. Always select carefully what works for you !

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