Design Ideas When Using Personalized Clip-ons as Clothing Accessories

Clothes may make the man, but clothing accessories complete the ensemble. This is true for personalized emoticon clip-ons, which have been gaining popularity among young and old people alike, especially among those who want to personalize their fashion paraphernalia and make a statement.

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But before buying a ready-made or custom-made kit, here are a few things that you have to remember when it comes to choosing or designing your own personalized emoticon clip-ons.

#1 Consider Your Purpose

You have to ask yourself, “What will these accessories represent when I wear them and how will others see them? Who will wear them? What is my purpose in wearing these clip-ons?” Your answers will help determine your final designs especially when you are ordering clip-ons in bulk from the manufacturer.

For example, you may order clip-ons spelling out the name of a cause your support during a marathon to raise awareness. You may also order clip-ons with various letters and numbers that you can attach to your clothes, shoes and bags for a personalized touch. Another great idea would be to offer these clips as personalized gifts for your family and friends.

#2 Keep It Simple

Since you don’t have a large space to put your pin design on, you should keep it as simple as possible. Keep in mind, too, that powerful and popular symbols do not require a large space so make smart choices in your symbols.

For example, the peace sign is recognized worldwide so you can use it for personalized clip-ons that can be worn during a peace rally. You just have to remember that the clip-ons are designed to simply and effectively convey a message, whether it is to push for an agenda, or motivate people, assert your individuality.

#3 Go for Colors

But don’t pick many colors as this can make your clip-on looks confusing. You should ideally stick to two complementary or contrasting colors to make your design pop out. Your choice in colors will actually affect the overall impact of your personalized clip-ons on your clothes, shoes, and bags.

For example, black and yellow have been proven to be the most attractive color combination. You may also consider black and white, red and green, and even pink and lavender for your color palette. You can even be a trendy designer by using Pantone’s colors of the year.

#4 Experiment with the Clip-ons

But who says that you cannot make your own unique personal statement by experimenting with the clip-ons’ design? You have the license to let your imagination run wild so that your clip-ons have your distinctive signature style, whether it involves colors, fonts, or symbols.

Your ability to make a strong personal statement with personalized clip-ons is only limited by your creativity to make countless designs. You can give these items as gifts to your family and friends, business partners and customers, and even to strangers who may appreciate them especially if they share your sense of style or want to be part of your cause.

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