Ditch That Ponytail Girl, For Its High Time To Now Become a Blast From The Past

Softer, messier hairstyles are now in vogue, especially since most ladies are deeply engrossed in serious speculation about the negative effects of the prolonged uses of hot hairstyling and texturing devices (fancy hair damage, anyone?). Due to this, some long forgotten classics are now once again emerging out of the shadows to dominate the crowns of many a woman! Listed below are some of the hairstyles that are a hit with all ladies out there – be it from the shy teenager to the corporate businesswoman; take a read!

1) Hairdo signature: The Beehive
Inspired by: Amy Winehouse

Let alone us average girls, with leading celebs flaunting this hairstyle all the more during their routine strolls over the red-carpet, there’s absolutely no way one can miss out on this! Come to think of it, it also deems as a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse!

• Begin by gathering a fistful of strands from the crown of your head, most ideally in a triangular pattern.
• Softly tease the back of this portion of your hair with a fine-toothed rat-tail comb to give your beehive a volumized lift. (Note: the more you tease, the more uplifted your beehive shall be).
• Slightly twist the latter portion of your hair and secure with an anchor or a bobby pin. A small butterfly clip shall also suffice.

2) Hairdo signature: The Chignon
Inspired by: Eva Perón

Although celebrity hotties such as jLo, Paris Hilton, Madonna and Lauren Conrad have donned this particular ‘do with utmost oomph! it was this gorgeous first lady of Argentina who officially pioneered this graceful art of twisting hair!

• Starting from the nape of your neck, pull back all your tresses and hold them with a grip that is just steady enough, but not too tight.
• Twist your hair simply, and fasten the chignon with some bobby pins (the number required shall vary according to the thickness of your bun, but having at least 5 to 6 pins ready at hand will be most convenient).

A quick tip – if your hair has been layered, consider leaving some tresses loose as this can exude a sensual aura of playful romance!

3) Hairdo signature: French Twist
Inspired by: Audrey Hepburn

This British diva boldly wore this hairstyle in her 1961 hit romantic comedy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and along with the film, this ‘do has been in popular demand ever since then too! Sometimes also referred to as the Banana updo, do not be deceived by its look; this hairstyle is not as complicated as it seems!

• Gather hair at the nape of the neck and form a ‘double twist’ – hold all your hair with your right hand and twist the entire length of your strands upwards and outwards, forming a length of rolled hair.
• Place this roll of hair over the back of your head, tucking in the remaining length of hair behind the already placed roll.
• Secure with a hair stick or a fancily embedded French twist pin – voila! You’re dolled up in a matter of seconds!


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