Double Denim: Hit or Miss?

Denim is an undeniable wardrobe staple for both men and women and has been for nearing 70 years. The question however is; is it possible to wear too much denim? When does stonewash become too much? Are black jeans with a blue denim shirt fine?

Denim Heaven

The general rule with double, tripe or even quadruple denim is – if they are different shades of denim, then you are generally safe; that is, if you are going for an everyday casual look.

Smart, tailored indigo jeans can look smart with a crisp black denim shirt, or layer a lighter denim shirt over a printed tee for a more casual daytime look. The great thing about denim, is that it is incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down accordingly. A rule of thumb – avoid denim waistcoats, unless of course your address is something like ‘Wild Rodeo Ranch, Texas’ otherwise, a denim waistcoat is nearly always a fashion no-no.

Double denim can also sometimes be a style statement, with a 90s retro feel – however proceed with caution! If you are going to juxtapose strong denim shades, acid wash shirt and jeans, for example make sure you add befitting accessories such as neon jewellery, statement shoes or caps to ensure the outfit works as a whole. The key thing to remember when trying opting for ‘statement denim’ is that the best way to ensure your outfit turns heads is to ensure you rely on accessories to bring the feel of the outfit through, to prevent it looking lacklustre and as though someone accidentally threw on multiple denim clothing items. That, again, is always a fashion no-no.

If you are thinking about experimenting with a Double Denim Day, men’s fashion giants Burton are offering a whopping £300 for anyone brave enough to submit their best ‘double denim’ photos. You can enter on their Facebook here.

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