Finding Art In Fashion

Art is literally in everything around you. It’s in the art on your walls, it’s in the construction of your home, it’s in any toys that you have laying around, and it’s even in the clothing that you wear. Art encapsulates anything that is creative and beautiful, which is something that is in the eye of the beholder. What you see is beautiful may not be beautiful to someone else.

At least in the beginning, clothing is very artistic. The process of creating a piece of clothing, from step one, which is sketching it, to the actual creation of a piece of clothing, is all extremely artistic. Here is a quick look at how you can find art in your fashion and fill your closet with an art inspired wardrobe.

Visit An Actual Art Gallery

Start out your foray into more artistic fashion by visiting an actual Art Gallery. Taking some time to stroll through an art gallery will help you see kind of what art looks like these days and it will help you get an idea of what you want to look for in clothing as you shop for more artistic Fashions.

Within an art gallery you’ll find more than just paintings hanging on a wall,  you will find a collection of wonderful sculptures and more that has been put together by a curator, such as the collection of art found in Detroit’s Park West Gallery. Use this art as clothing shopping inspiration, from the colors and designs to anything that catches your eye about each piece of work.

Explore Fashion Magazines

While you are looking for more artistic fashionable wear, pick up some fashion magazines to peruse. Within fashion magazines you will find Runway fashions that most people probably wouldn’t wear, but you will be able to see much more how art really does combine with fashion.

Bold runway fashions are actually the epitome of artistic fashion, and show you exactly how art in the fashion industry works when it goes from an original sketch idea, colored with colored Sallor Gear pens, to an actual piece of clothing.

Have A Keen Eye When Shopping

Now that you’ve spent some time studying art and fashion, it’s time to hit the stores and do some shopping. You may also check out designer label items in luxury consignment stores online. Take some time to look at the different cuts of fabrics, the different designs, and even the way that different colors work together. You’ll be amazed at how much more clothing looks like art to you once you’ve studied both and then go shopping. If you want to try t-shirt making, you should invest in the best cricut for making shirts.

Start buying clothing that has more artistic angles and colors to it, and see how different they make your wardrobe, and how more artistic and creative they make you feel in general. It’s amazing the things that a great wardrobe can do for you and for your mood and Imagination.

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