Finding Work in the Beauty and Fashion Industries

If you love fashion and beauty, you’ve probably had all kinds of dreams about making something in these fields your career. But if you aren’t already on that path, and you don’t have friends who are in these fields, you may not know what to do next. Some people are self-starters. They see a job they want, and they hunker down and find a way to learn the stuff they need to get that job. Don’t worry, I’m not that way either. Most people need to be taught the skills they need in order to get a desirable job. And this is where schooling comes in.


If you are out of high school, it’s entirely possible that you don’t want to go back to school. And I don’t blame you. So much of the school you’ve experienced is intensely impractical. It’s likely that you came up in a public school system that made standardized test taking the only game in town. What behavior could be more irrelevant to real life than standardized test taking? When else do you have to quickly fill in bubbles to show where you measure up? Well, I am about to suggest a meaningful alternative.


Cosmetology school is an example of a trade school. Trade schools used to be a really important part of the American economy. We had millions of factory and manufacturing jobs. But 60,000 factories closed in recent years, shipped off overseas. There’s no shame in this kind of work. It used to be an important element that cultivated and maintained the American middle class. But corporations found a way to get the work done cheaper in other countries. Americans want the trades to take a central role in the economy once more. And there are some of them that have never left, especially cosmetology.


Cosmetology schools offering a cosmetology program, like Marinello Beauty School, have a long history in the United States. Marinello itself has been going for more than 100 years. It’s thriving and expanding while “traditional” universities are shuttering their doors for the first time in a generation. How is it possible that Marinello is able to thrive where big schools fail? There are a lot of reasons.


One, Marinello doesn’t have a centralized campus. Instead, it has 60 small campuses that meet all over the country. This way students can live at home, commuting to school every day, and for the time they need to go back to school they can always use Boys School Trousers for their uniforms. They don’t have to pay for on campus housing, on campus meals, or support enormous facility and infrastructure costs with their tuition. Cosmetology school students are mostly paying for their instructors’ time. Trade school is about guided learning. It’s about skills that can only be imparted gradually, as students very literally form new connections in their brains to solidify these skills.


If you go to a cosmetology or an esthetics school, you’ll learn all the skills you need to make other people extremely presentable. You’ll also be able to take these abilities home and use them on yourself, as well. You’ll get thousands of hours of time spent with other people, making their beauty goals happen. You’ll have to make hundreds of new decisions every day, adapting your skills to be able to make your clients happy and confident. Limited to your own face, outside of school, it’s impossible to develop the breadth and depth of skill that working with hundreds of real people can give you. Trade schools of all kinds give you this kind of experience, but beauty school is especially good at emphasizing practice, repetition, and skill development. It’s the only way to turn yourself into a professional. Today, you may be a skilled hobbyist, but the people who are out there in the trenches doing this stuff every day have you beat. Your resume might not be optimized for applicant tracking systems, check here if your resume has the proper format.

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