How To Look 30 at 40

Fewer and fewer women are fearing age, as the progression of modern cosmetics and skin therapy make it possible to shave years off your features.

Follow these beauty tips to trick even yourself into thinking you’re 10 years younger!


Gone are the days of only seeing your grandma wear that thing she called “her girdle.”  Tummy sucking waist enhancers or booty lifting leggings have gone mainstream.  And they’re not just for old ladies and thick girls.

Shapewear is for women of all sizes to flatten out, lift, and perk.  All attributes of a younger body.  By firming our midsections and perking our derrieres, we can come across as considerably younger.


Facial Contouring

By investing in a contour kit, and educating yourself on the science of accentuating your bones and facial structure, you can completely transform your face.

Contouring can eliminate tired bags under your eyes, wrinkles, and even make you look 15 pounds lighter!

Hair Extensions

As women get older, our hormones change and shift, and our hair can tend to get thinner and finer.

Back in the 60’s, it was not uncommon for women to wear full wigs for everyday use.  By having voluminous commercial perfect hair, you increase your youth factor.

Extensions are a great way to add life to your locks without the commitment of a full wig which can be itchy, and let’s face it, not very authentic.

Buying human hair extensions doesn’t have to put you out thousands of dollars either.  There is a huge industry of clip-in human extensions.  They provide the same quality as permanent extensions, more versatility, and for a fraction of the price!


As our faces age, they lose collagen and fat, causing a person to look gaunt, one of the biggest indicators of age.  Dermal filler injections are used to smooth the fine lines and wrinkles of our face leaving us looking plumper, and healthier.

Unlike a facelift or other cosmetic surgery, this is a fairly non-invasive procedure and one of the most common secrets to keeping a youthful glow.


A healthy body makes a healthy mind.  A healthy mind radiates happiness, which translates into youth.

By engaging in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, we not only promote a healthy and beautiful figure, but also a beautiful personality. What could be more youthful than that?

It doesn’t matter how many beautiful clothes you wear, or expensive shoes.  If the person wearing them isn’t exuding a confident and positive energy, then there’s no point in even trying.

“Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear,” says 10 time grammy winner Taylor Swift, arguably one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business.

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