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Jewelry: A Mark, a Promise…

Bead SettingImagine strolling around in one those huge shopping malls, passing by some of the best brands that host a variety f clothes and coming to stop by a jewelry store which has put on display one of the most elegant designs, that of being a simple stream of finely cut diamonds that pierce your eyes with their light.  Some of the best jewelry is often some of the simplest. That is why perhaps, the assessing of jewelry has come to be done entirely differently now. It is not only about how costly the piece ranges to but it is also the craftsmanship and artistry that make the final product shine.

The motive of jewelry is the need to tell a story. Jewelry has always been one of the most private affairs of any fashionista because wearing any piece of jewelry, such as a black hills gold ring, seems to speak about the bearer of the piece in more than a million ways. It tells the story of the person without the use of words through the means of metals and stones almost like a sign language that one has to learn to indulge into its secrets. That is also the purpose of jewelry. The evolution of jewelry is a subject as vast as the history of the world. It has come to signify royalty, class, glamour, lifestyles, rebellion and much more. It has been an intrinsic part of fashion and has nourished and furnished clothing with its presence.

Somehow jewelry has now come down to interpretation. For a philosophical man it comes to symbolize beads of tress barks or the threading and weaving of semi precious stones that have properties of affecting human emotions. For an extravagant buyer it could be a 300 carat diamond that is once-in-a-lifetime possession and that for which one would die for. For an intellectual it could be metal wires that are unusually shaped into bracelets and neckpieces and speak of a particular thought process, of a definitive viewpoint on life. And for a fashion bug it could be anything from an outrageous creation of sapphires and silver to a simple single diamond necklace that go with chiffons and white shirts.

As we talk about modern jewelry we cannot forget to mention one of the most recent developments of the arena of kids’ jewelry. It has come to be one of those places where designers go mental with colors and new ideas, where everything from snails with beady backs to airplanes with vivacious colors are transformed to be worn as kids’ rings and earrings, pendants and bracelets. With the scene of jewelry production ever shifting it has come to be realized that dealing with the aspects of kid’s jewelry not only involves a great deal of creativity but a freshness of motive for the clientele is not an adult but rather anyone ranging from the age group of 3 to 19. Considering that it mind, jewelry has come to showcase trends that are playful and fun.

From beads to translucent colorful rubber chains to neon that glows in the dark jewelry worn by the younger generation not only defines who they are but portray them as individuals that are constantly in the process of evolving personal fashion and style. Kids wear jewelry to emote, to express and to showcase what they love. For them it is not only a star ship or a flower that they wear on their index fingers or around their necks but rather it is something that are affectionate at that point in time and also which fuels their already active imagination.


Bio: Ruth Megan is a jewelry artist and is a professional jewelry maker. She houses a company that works on this stream of jewelry production. She thinks the area of kids’ jewelry though a recently new one is also one of the most expanding zones as it channels vision and marketing of the business to a whole new level. She loves to write for

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