Know the Rules for Wearing Glitter and Sequins

Glitter and sequins will make any outfit sparkle and shine, but there is a fine line between sequins and glitter looking pretty or sophisticated versus overdone or tacky. Basically, if you follow some easy rules, you can ensure that you will always look great whenever you decide to wear clothing that contains these fashionable elements.


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So what are the rules for wearing glitter and sequins? Continue reading to learn about them.

Balance Out the Glitter or Sequins with Some Solids

When you wear an outfit with glitter or sequins, make sure that it is properly balanced out with some solids. So, for example, if you have a sequin top, pair it with a skirt or a pair of pants or shorts that are solid. This will keep you from overdoing it with the sparkly fashion.

Add Simple Accessories in Black

To complete your look, you may want to add some accessories, such as a purse or clutch for heading out for a fun night on the town. But rather than opting for colorful accessories that can clash with your glittered or sequined outfit, stick with simple black accessories instead. These will serve to tone down the overall look a bit while drawing viewers’ eyes in towards the sparkle, where you want them to look.

Avoid Using Too Much Jewelry

Another great way to wear glitter or sequins in a classy way is by keeping the jewelry you use to accessorize your look to a minimum. Make sure that the jewelry you do end up wearing is simple, such as a plain silver or gold ring. A watch is also good, as are some bangle bracelets. But choose one piece and flaunt that, as opposed to wearing more than one of these.

Wear Shoes in Solid Colors

In keeping with this theme of keeping your accessories on the minimalist end, you also want to wear shoes that feature solid colors. This means glittery shoes are not the best idea and should probably be avoided because you already have so much other sparkle going on. Yet again, black is a great go-to option that should work with just about every outfit, but if you absolutely want some color, you should stick with the same color family that your outfit is in. In this way, you will not overdo it but you will have a complete look that accentuates your best features.

Do Not Wear Sparkly or Shiny Tights

Even though sparkly and shiny tights are definitely in style, it really is best to reserve these for outfits that are plainer. You should not be pairing these types of tights with an outfit that already has a lot of glitter and sparkle going on.

Now that you know a few of the main rules that are associated with wearing an outfit that contains sequins or glitter, it is time to own your look and flaunt it with confidence. Rest assured that by following these simple and easy-to-remember rules, you won’t overdo it and you’ll look fabulous.

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