Protecting Your Child During COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, we, globally, are confronted with the world’s worst killer ever seen in many decades. This killing threatens to cut across every aspect of human life; be it social life, the global economy, and many more. The pandemic has affected and infected the old, the youth, the children, and people from all walks of life.

Because children are a part of our society and we’ve got a responsibility to take care of them, it’s essential to give them the best by protecting them from Covid-19 and its effects.

Children are more susceptible to diseases and infections since their immune system is still immature. In an interesting twist, however, the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t had the same level of adverse effect on children as it’s had on the elderly and individuals living with pre-existing health conditions.

But that’s not a reason to neglect our children. Parents are, therefore, encouraged to tighten the belt in the safety measures they employ to safeguard their children. The safety measures cover health among the other facets of their lives.

Below are ways to ensure the safety, good health, and well-being of your children during the coronavirus pandemic.

Be Sure of Child’s Health Fitness

Always be updated on the signs of the Covid-19 in children, though they may vary from one person to another. Check whether any of these signs manifest in your little one, then follow the directives given by your nation’s health ministry. It would help if you also gave your kids a good diet, and quality sleep, among other measures that will boost their immunity and good health in general.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following ways to help prevent COVID-19 infections in children:

  1. As a parent, start by training your children on the need for frequent hand washing. Help your children to embrace regular handwashing among other new-normal practices like wearing of face masks in crowded places and sanitizing their hands and surfaces. Since children tend to mimic their parents among other people around them, ensure you also embrace these safety members so that they can follow suit. Soon these activities will become the norm.
  2. Be rich in information and updates provided by your country’s ministry of health, as the virus’s effects may vary in different places.

Sustain Your Young One’s Social Life

Anything that affects your way of life in your society affects your social life. George Herbert Mead’s theory of self explains that a person’s self is instigated by his or her social exchange. The fact that most countries, if not all, indefinitely shut down public gatherings like places of worship, schools, parks, recreation centres, etc., we’ve got to look for alternative ways to sustain the social life of our kids.

According to the CDC, parents may employ the following methods:

  • First and foremost, since the family is the primary social unit for your children, put measures in place to ensure that your family unit it a better social environment for them. Failure to do that will see them spend most of their time on social media. You may spare some time every day for activities that involve everyone, such as family game time, cook time, workouts, prayer time, and more.
  • Secondly, you may consider working with your children’s school teachers, who’ll be of great help as they’re trained to address matters of childhood social life. Moreover, most schools are currently providing e-learning programs that help kids to virtually meet their classmates and school friends.
  • Understanding that your kids will soon begin missing their friends and relatives, you’ve got to put regular measures through which they can interact. Since they may not physically meet, you may opt foruniting them through social media. You can achieve this through text, audio, or video chats. Doing so will, at least, keep them connected to their friends despite the physical separation.

Protection Against the Negative Consequences of Confinement.

According to the Council of Europe, custody of a significant percentage number of children in their homes makes them more susceptible to sexual abuse and harassment. Such realities are most likely replicated in different countries, including Australia.

Consequently, parents have to play their part very well to protect their children from possible abuse. Parents may spend time talking regularly to their kids about sexual harassment, whether they live in areas prone to this vice or not. They may give an ear to their kids’ conversations to know what dominates their minds.

If, as a parent, you get to hear any words that fall in the line of sexual abuse, you can’t wish that away. Instead, it would help if you interrogated them deeper to establish the root of those words. Parents should also provide practical solutions for their children in case a child experiences any instance of sexual abuse regardless of why or how it happened.

Keep Your Child on The Go

As we can all attest, children tend to be very active. If they’re not fiddling with something, they’re all over the place running, jumping, or climbing things. Although this might be disruptive of other processes, you must allow your children to play as much as possible. Remember that if you deny them ample playtime, they’re likely to end up bored and lonely. If such a situation isn’t handled well, it provides a significant loophole for stress and emotional disorders in the affected child.

However, as parents try to catch up with their busy schedules, they may not have ample time with their young ones. To make proper use of the time you’re not with them, come up with a to-do list entailing daily activities such as watering flowers, clearing the dining table after meals, going for a walk, etc. As a parent, you should also join the children in these activities whenever you’re available.

To motivate them, you may consider giving the children presents whenever they successfully undertake such activities. Doing so will make the tasks enjoyable rather than a humdrum routine work.

Your Youngster’s Emotional Fitness

Regardless of how adversely Covid-19 affects you, as a parent, you have to watch for your little one’s emotional soundness. You may seek information about emotional disorders in children and assess your kids in that light. According to the CDC, some of the signs are eating disorders, sleeping disorders, and not finding generally exciting and enjoyable things appealing to a child.

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