Special Fits for Women’s Shoes

shoe2-125x100Not every woman’s foot is made the same. Sure, you wear a specific size shoe, but you may also need a special fit for your shoe, such as narrow or wide. You may even need special arch support, depending on the specific characteristics of your foot, especially if you have had bunions or hammer toe that required foot surgery and hammer toe surgery with the help of a foot specialist or a foot doctor. Visit sites like to know more about it.

Here are the different types of special fits for women’s shoes as explained on shoe hero:

Narrow Shoes

The size of a shoe usually indicates the length. However, the width of the foot is also important for the fit. Some women need narrow shoes in order to get a better fit. Women’s narrow shoes are assigned a letter, starting from A and going through G, with some doubles in between (such as EE). While some stores carry some of these shoes, most must be ordered online.

Wide Shoes

Just as some women’s feet are more narrow than others, some are more wide than others. Like with narrow shoes, women’s wide shoes are sold according to the letter system, and often must be ordered online. While you may find some sizes in stores, they are not commonly available.

Arch Considerations

Some women’s feet have high arches, and some have low arches. You can buy special shoes that offer arch support right in them, or you can buy inserts that offer the proper support. Either way, it makes the shoe more comfortable and supports the health of the foot. Also, to alleviate pain, one can use custom orthotics. The use of foot orthotics is beneficial in order to cope up with issues like knee pain, ankle sprains and other foot related issues. In addition, you should also consider visiting a podiatrist to check your foot, ankle, or the related structures of your leg. A podiatrist can help you treat your feet and their ailments.

Learning to shop for the right fit of a shoe can help you to buy shoes that are more comfortable and that support your foot health so that you do not develop corns, calluses or other common foot problems. If you are not sure if you have special footwear needs, it is advisable to have yourself measured by a professional so that you can get the shoe you need.


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