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The Most Bizarre Celebrity Costumes: International Edition

Everyday artist, actors, actresses and celebrities, amuse us with their wit, style, acting, dancing and acting skills, but there are those few celebrities who never seem to surprise us with their bizarre costumes. In the past few years, the number of most bizarre celebrity costumes has greatly increased.

Celebrities and their Bizarre Wardrobe

Aside from the usual Lady Gaga, who are the other celebrities with the most bizarre costume today? Here is a short list of celebrities with the most bizarre celebrity costumes today:

• Lady Gaga. She is definitely the queen of bizarre celebrity costumes from wearing tights to wearing meat inspired outfits. Lady Gaga has proven the world with her style, and she will prevail no matter what controversies are thrown in her way. Lady Gaga is one of the few people in the industry who has the most bizarre celebrity costumes articles. Who would forget her bubble dress or that outfit that looks like some clam from a Disney film?

• Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Most of you have not even heard of the name of this young Japanese singer who is starting to conquer the concert stage in Asia and Europe. At the age of 20, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has provided the entertainment industry some of the most bizarre celebrity costumes. You could say that Kyary and Nicki Minaj are probably sisters from another mother. Her costumes usually include big ribbons, eyeballs in different colors, feathers, vibrant skirts, skulls and a bunch of other things. In her recent music video, Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit was used with bats, skulls, ribbons and cute accessories. Yes, she usually guest on TV in this outfit.

• Van Diesel. Yes, you read it right. Van Diesel deserves a spot as one of the few celebrities in the most bizarre celebrity costumes. Okay, his costume is not really that bizarre, but the fact that he is one of the most masculine men in the industry who wore a skirt was downright bizarre. Van diesel graced the MTV Awards 2012 with a fluffy black skirt. He even pranced around for the camera with that black stylish skirt. A lot of people got shocked. Who wouldn’t be, right?

• Nikki Minaj. Another stellar performer who has constantly surprised the industry with her outfits. In the last American Music Awards, this young lady modeled one of the most bizarre celebrity costumes, which is a barbed wire dress. Of course, you might have heard and seen models on magazines wearing a barbed wire dress, but not actually putting it out there in the public. Niki Minaj did exactly that, and unlike the ones you have seen in magazines, her wires are not monochrome, it is composed of different colors. Aside from the vibrant colors, her wire dress was also composed of different patterns making it extremely unique.

There are a lot more others who can make it into the most bizarre celebrity costumes list like the beautiful Florence Welsh who once wore a dress that looks like Christmas trees or Rihanna with her cat costume.

Costumes are a way to express oneself and for these artists, wearing this colorful, funky, bizarre costume is just another way of expressing who they are. How about you? If you were to wear a bizarre costume, what would it be?

By Melissa Davis on behalf of Costume Collection, Australia costume shop

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