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The significance of the US military patches

The U.S military patch also known as the shoulder insignia is a new addition to the modern military uniform. This military badge or shoulder sleeve insignia become popular during World War II after being introduced during World War I. During this time, it was used to a limited extent. The insignias for the military such as the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast guard are a source of pride among military personnel and a great collectible for civilians.

The history of the military patches

  1. 1.       Purpose

The badge is an embroidered insignia that signifies the corporations, rank or brigade of the personnel donning it. Basically, it is positioned on the upper shoulder or on the helmet. It can be sewn or placed on the uniform with Velcro.

  1. 2.       Military uniform of 19th century

There were no patches for most military uniforms up until World War I. However, when the Civil War started, numerous union soldiers displayed corps, division and brigade designation on their caps. The sleeve patches were the only rank patches. The military soldiers could not wear authorized patches during the military operations.

  1. 3.       World War I

The patch brought in during 1918 was the first patch for the Army’s eighty first Division Wildcats. That time, it was only an informal recognition of the division. Later the patch was approved by the Inspector General’s office to encourage spirits of the military personnel. After this, all the divisions of military started displaying this patch. The patch was later promoted to the ranks of the corps and brigades.

  1. 4.       Big Red 1

The patch that still survives is the Big Red 1. It belongs to the 1st Infantry Division. This division was first given the patch that had a red 1 embroidered on the uniform. This patch is the most distinguished patch even today.

  1. 5.       World War II

The use of the patches spread during the years between the world wars. When the World War II commenced, all corps, divisions and brigades possessed badges. Every division had its own unique patch. For instance, the armored division of the military displayed yellow, red and a triangle symbol in the center. The patches were colored to balance the camouflage battle field uniforms during the Gulf Wars.

As you know the patches are collectible item for the civilians and military veterans. Civilians even deal and trade for these coveted patches. If you want to own this patch, you can buy it directly from them or you can create your own military patch. However, while designing your military patch, you cannot imitate the design of any of the military patches. You can design your own military patch with a meaningful symbol to suit your personality. The best thing about the customized patch is that you can choose twill colors and artworks.
The methods to create your own patch

You can find out numerous custom patch makers online. These manufacturers allow you to design the patches as your specifications.. This free quote form lets you choose your patch shape. After you have selected the shape, you can choose a background, color and font size. You can design the patch with logos or characters.

After selecting the basic things for your badge, now it is time for choosing the patch types. You can choose among iron on, sew on, Velcro and Peel -n- Stick patches. Determine the dimension of the patch, and choose the artwork. You can even get an estimate on the production cost.

Once you have chosen everything, click submit and patches4less graphic artists will create a rendered image and email back to you. If you do not like the design of the patch, don’t worry, you can have unlimited revisions from some of the best digital artists in the industry.

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