Today’s Top Fashion Designers


The world of fashion always has been enriched by various designers who have contributed their creativity to start trends or dust off old trends with a new twist. While some established fashion designers continue their legacy there are some new upcoming designers who have started their own clothing lines or fashion houses to take the fashion to new levels. Fashion industry had been considered as a highly male and European dominated field. But now the upcoming fashion designers are an ensemble of male and female talent from various parts of the world. Following are some of the well established and upcoming fashion designers who are currently active in the field.

Marc Jacobs

This American born designer is often considered as highly influential in the field of fashion. Each season he does not fail to come up with innovative ideas. One season he dusts off the trends of ‘40s to life and next season he brings the ‘80s fashions back into life. In 1986 he launched his signature collection which was very well received by the fashion enthusiasts as well as fashion critiques. Later in 2001 his secondary line was introduced which was named “Marc by Marc Jacobs”. He spends most of his time in Paris and currently the creative director of Louis Vuitton. His latest collection was in the lines of current fashion trends.


In 2008 this New York-based fashion designer came to the spotlight since he created the floral-print dress for Mrs. Obama for the evening when Mr. Obamas accepted 2008 the nomination for presidency. This Thai-born designer Thakoon Panichgul, is well known for his timeless chic looks and eye for detail. In 2004 he launched his label “Thakoon” with a capsule collection (a set of apparel items that can be worn in various combinations to produce several looks) that consisted of ribbon-tie jackets and taffeta skirts etc. He was nominated for a CFDA Swarovski Award for Womens wear in 2008.

Dolce and Gabana

This fashion label is the brainchild of two Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They are well known for taking the inspiration from Italy’s prestigious film history for their fashion creativity. They claim that when they design it is like a movie. They said to be thinking of a story and design the clothes to go with that theme. The brand is famous for its clothing, jewellery, footwear and also they dominate a large percentage of the sunglasses market. Many of the clothes coming under this line are black in colour and extremely vibrant.

Stella McCartney

At the age of 15 she managed to be named as a fashion designer instead of being introduced as the daughter of the ex-Beatle Paul McCartney. In 2001 a fashion house was launched named under her own name. Being a life long vegetarian, fur and leather are not used for her designs. While she supports PETA, she managed to integrate her love for animals to her creative work. For instance once she released some designs with slogans such as “Suitable for sporty vegetarians”. But wool, silk and other animal derived fabrics are being used to express her creativity.


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