Wearing maxi dresses – Secret advice to wear it the right way

It was a few years back that maxi skirts made a comeback and many girls were more than convinced that they could never wear one for a number of reasons. Women with a short height like 5’0 wondered whether they would look ridiculous and swallowed up in a maxi dress. Until the day they tried wearing it actually, they starting falling in love with it. Now women realize that not only can you look petite and proper wearing maxi dresses but anyone with any shape and size can look good in them. For most of us during summer and spring, maxi skirts are nothing but a wardrobe must-have which can even be worn during winter and fall too. If you are looking for some styling tips, go through the concerns of this article.


Fashion tips for petite women who wear maxi dresses

If you’re a petite woman, who is shorter than 5’4”, your ultimate goal should be to avoid looking like a tent and hence you have to be more careful while choosing your dress than the taller and bigger women. Here are few tips that will work.

  • Buy a well-fit maxi dress: Most of the long garments don’t look too good on people with short stature and it can really make you look swamped up. If you don’t want yourself to look shorter, the trick is to choose a style which is well-cut which means you should choose a full-length dress that fits it properly with your figure, particularly around your thighs and hips.
  • Elongate the look with a V-neck: The main point with a V-neck is that it allows you to show more skin and thereby look leaner and thinner. It also creates a streamlined silhouette. So, wear a maxi dress with a V-neck.
  • Heels are a must: For gaining some extra height, heels are a must. You can wear wedges, pumps or even high-heeled sandals.
  • Choose the right print of your maxi skirt: Since you don’t have enough of canvas to work on due to your short stature, you should look strategically on the prints and rather opt for solids. You can wear dark neutrals and colors like black, brown and plum green as they can make you look taller.

Getting a few versatile styles for your maxi dresses

Wouldn’t you love to have a maxi dress which could be easily mixed and matched and can also be used as versatile for different occasions? Remember that you can’t ever go wrong with solid neutrals like brown, grey, black, white, olive green and dark navy blue. These are the colors which will go with anything

Apart from the colors, the biggest thing to tie up with long dresses is accessories. The right jewelry, shoes, scarves can enhance your look and can help you look fashionable. Crystals and pearls can turn up the glam factor of the entire outfit and make you look chic and beautiful.

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