When will this grow out? An overview of hair growth

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Head hair grows about one eight of an inch a week. That translates to half an inch a month and six inches a year. This is true for pretty much everyone. There is little that speeds up hair growth, though there are issues that can slow hair growth.

Real World Tips for Speeding Up Hair Growth

If you want to know how to grow hair faster, understand that there are only a few legitimate strategies. Hair growth can be hindered by a lack of vital nutrients. Your hair is made of protein. A lack of protein in your diet will slow down hair growth. It will also make the hairs that grow more fragile, causing it to break off prematurely. You can improve hair growth and hair quality by increasing your iron and zinc intake. Take these vitamins orally, since you probably have a serious lack if it is affecting the quality of your hair. Don’t forget vitamins B and C. A side benefit of this is that it will improve your nails and skin.

Applying shampoo that contains keratin won’t cause your hair to grow faster. However, it can heal damaged hair and reduce the odds of it breaking off. Shampoos and scalp treatments containing vitamins are unlikely to be beneficial. However, harsh hair treatments like repeated colorings can cause your hair to break off.

Avoid heat styling. You can use a blow dryer once in a while. Extended heat treatments, though, damage your hair. If you must use heat, turn it down and make sure it isn’t on the hair longer than necessary. And if you do, use a heat protectant. You won’t kill the hair at the roots, but you’ll damage what has grown out. This will lead to frizz and breakage. For you hair needs like hair growth improvement, visit a reputable virgin hair outlet!

What Hair Growth Tactics Don’t Really Work?

Don’t shave your head hoping to make the hair grow faster. It may come in a little thicker than before. However, you won’t grow new hairs. The existing hairs will simply look thicker. Just think about what happens if you shave your legs or face. Do you get more hair next time? If that was true, no one would shave for fear of being unable to manage the growing tangle. In reality, the hair comes back coarser. It is more obvious, but there isn’t more of it.

Don’t cut your hair short in the hope of getting it to grow faster, either. It will just appear to grow faster, since you’ll notice it more than if your hair fell below your shoulders.

You can help your hair look better and lighter by thoroughly distributing the natural oils your scalp produces. This is done by brushing it thoroughly. Just don’t brush too hard and damage the scalp; that will hurt hair growth. You can protect the natural oils by only washing your hair with shampoo twice a week instead of daily. You should also use the best round brush for blowouts that can distribute your hair’s natural oils to add shine, defeat frizz and keep your hair cleaner between washes. A side benefit is that you won’t have to use conditioners to try to replace the natural oils. For an at-home deep conditioning treatment, apply a generous amount of argan oil to dry hair.  To create this hair mask, you can use amazon hair mask exclusively or combine it with another hair-friendly oil like coconut oil.

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