Who doesn’t like to look good? Men’s must have fashion

Style is fast becoming as important for men as it is for women, with male fashion trends coming under close scrutiny by men who like to look and feel good. Just as women seek out the latest shapes, colors, patterns and accessories, men are doing the same. Here are a few key ideas to help you stay stylish this year.


The minimalist look


The trend towards minimalism is continuing and designers are making some really great statements by working, for example, in one color, such as white, and combining tailored items with casual wear. All-white garments by Dolce & Gabbana were first seen in fashion shows in 2014 and Armani boldly combined sportswear-inspired items of clothing to make all-white ensembles. This trend was repeated in the spring shows of 2015 with anoraks, baggy shorts, and denim jeans in the line-up, as well as tailored suits, and sheer shirts. A Tan Mens Lightweight Neoprene Coat is also perfect for those who prefer the minimalist style.


Prints and patterns


Alongside the white collections are vivid bold patterns that you can now see everywhere – with the currently trending 1970s look making a decided comeback. If you are shopping for a few key pieces, look for tops and trousers in prints including checked, camouflage and floral patterns. Camouflage in particular has had a makeover for 2015, and now features vibrant colors such as bright blue and neon pink, as well as deeper hues including rich burgundy and chocolate brown. You can check out more ways to pump up this look by going on this site:


Street style


Today the urban and street fashion vogue has been taken up in a big way by the top designers and given a stylish makeover for 2015. Street style is associated with youth cultures around the world and has evolved over the decades. For example, the hippies had their Bohemian look – they grew their hair long and favored flared pants and psychedelic prints – while preppy fashion centered on Nantucket Reds, or chinos and argyle sweaters. Popular key pieces in men’s wardrobes today include jeans or shorts like Unionbay cargo shorts and ‘sculpted’ tops, often worn under a variety of different types of formal as well as informal jackets or coats. Find on // more tips on beauty and fashion for men to improve your style.

To get the stylish sculpted look, many men are turning to sportswear-inspired items, just as the designers are, such as the compression shirt – visit the Tommie Copper website to check out some options.


Bomber jackets


This is the staple item of urban chic, and one of the types of jackets increasingly being worn with smart tailored shirts and pants. Nowadays available in a wide range of color choices, the 2015 fashions are favoring black and orange by Christopher Raeburn, white by Richard Nicoll and mustard yellow by Berluti as well as pale blue with contrasting sleeves by Brioni. Incredibly versatile, you can wear a bomber jacket with knee-length shorts or jeans, as well as with more formal wear. You can buy mens leather biker vests at Leather Stand.




Finally, often it is the little touches that make an outfit complete and designers know that this is no different for men than women. Have you thought about getting a matching bow tie and face mask for your outfit? Combining a signature handmade ties, shades by Tom Ford and a nifty fedora by Armani means you can make your fashion choices really stand out and be appreciated.



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