Your ultimate guide to buying Aran sweater – Your ultimate piece of winter garment

Fisherman sweater, Aran sweater or Irish Knitwear – no matter how you call it, the Aran sweater is undoubtedly a timeless and ultimate piece of winter wear that you should have in your wardrobe. The origin of Aran sweaters makes it such a special form of clothing as the styles and patterns have got a subtle history behind it. This contributes to the growing demand of Aran sweaters among both men and women today. So, you must be thinking about how you should decide which style to buy, where exactly you could buy the best Aran sweaters and what you should look for while getting Aran sweaters. Though you may check out the Aran sweaters page and the splendid sweaters given there, yet you should give it a read as to how you should choose the best Irish knitwear.

Is the winter wear of the highest quality?

This is the most obvious question that a buyer may have in his mind before buying Aran sweaters. Given the lineage of these Irish knitwear, people are extremely concerned about getting the best and the most authentic quality. How do you get the proof that it is of the highest quality? One thing to note is that the seller should tell you that the Aran sweater is made from either pure new wool or the choicest quality merino. It should meet the highest standards and the respective sweater should have been inspected by an expert before putting it for sale.

Where is the Aran sweater hailing from?

When you’re about to buy Aran sweaters, they should definitely hail from West of Ireland. The Aran Islands are situated off the west coast and they are the jewels of Galway Bay. It is in the rugged islands that the knitting tradition was born and this is the place where the fame spread all over the world. Henceforth the sweaters need to be crafted in those parts as they carry the biggest significance.

Was it crafted with enough love and care?

This is one of the most powerful questions to ask before buying the Aran sweaters. One of the most well-known parts is West Ireland from where the finest knitters hail from. Among them one of the finest knitters was a lady named Hanorah O’Connor. She had a legendary skill with wool and needle. She was born in 1900 and passed her skill to her children who in turn passed the tradition to their offspring.

Who is going to wear it and when will he wear?

The Aran sweaters are made for a young kid who loves to play, for the woman who prefers beautiful clothes and for the gentleman who gives value to both utility and beauty. You require knowing that the Aran sweater that you choose will make heads turn towards you and will also help it last for years.

So, when it comes to buying the best Aran sweaters, make sure you take into account all the above points before setting your hands on one.

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