3 tips to refresh your autumn wardrobe

To some, autumn is a dark, dank, and boring season, but your wardrobe definitely does not have to be. Take advantage of the autumn weather to find your suede boots, beautiful knitwear and favourite leather gloves and look forward to brightening your autumn look with beautiful patterns, fine colours and smart accessories.

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1. Create your personal style with patterns

Flowers, dots, graphical patterns and artistic shapes are all here. Whether you are wearing colourful or more muted patterns, a patterned dress, tunic or top is a good starting point for a sparkling autumn look. And you can use the beautiful patterns in many ways, depending on what mood you are in.

Step into the crisp autumn air in a nice patterned dress, with Snakeskin Style Leggings and a cardigan, and let the fine pattern get all the attention. You can create a more sophisticated look by putting the patterned dress together with a jacket or cardigan “tone on tone” in the same colour palette. If you are in the mood to boldly stand out, you can create a look with patterned prints from top to toe. For example, put a flowered top together with a dotted scarf – so long as the colours fit together you can mix and match patterns as much as you like.

2. Light up the dark with colours

When autumn really gets going we tend to go for the safe, dark colours like black, grey and dark blue, but why not take inspiration from the new seasonal colours and make the cold a little warmer?

One of the great colours of the autumn is the beautiful golden amber that radiates warmth and creates a soft autumnal look. We’re also still into our pinks, so you can use a dark dusty pink in warm stripes and fine cardigans to easily create a fresh, feminine look. Finally, enjoy the season with a touch of clear mustard yellow, which is both sensual and smart.

3. Step up with accessories

Autumn invites you to finish your look with nice accessories, and a key piece is a super-soft scarf. Go for a viscose scarf with a beautiful colourful pattern that you can gather at the side with a loose knot, or wrap in relaxed fashion round your neck. Or choose a soft and voluminous version in pure wool for the cooler days. Finally, a long necklace with fine pearls and tassels can be the perfect finishing touch for an otherwise understated stylish outfit. There are so many possibilities – the choice is yours.

Enjoy the autumn!

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