4 Ways to Improve Your Image

They say “you never get a second chance to make a first impression;” have you considered what kind of first impression you are making? Dingy, faded suits and a beat-up car don’t speak well to your success and can severely damage your business when it comes to meeting new clients. Have you taken the time to reinvest some of your good fortune in yourself?


Working with high-caliber clients means looking like a high-caliber individual yourself. While you may not be able to afford a $2.6 million dollar watch, you can put some effort into your appearance and lifestyle to up your game. Included here are a few ways to improve your image as a successful individual.


Luxury Automobile

Pulling up to a business lunch in a beater with a heater is not going to impress your clientele. The way you project yourself to potential clients can give them a hint at how successful you will be in pursuing investments and deals for them. If your company has produced a lucrative salary, it is time you were driving like you earned it.


Before investing in your new luxury auto, consider which features are most important to you. How many people do you want to drive around? Are heated and leather seats an important feature for you? Do you appreciate all of the latest gadgets? Get a feel for what some of your other competitors are driving to step up your own game.


Expensive Watch

For those working in real estate or financial management, you want to look as polished as possible for clientele. Having an elaborate luxury watch on your wrist can show your stability and success in your career and allow customers to gain trust in you. Not to mention, checking your timepiece can be a confidence booster in even the most stressful mergers and acquisitions.


Tantalizing Fragrances

Scent is supposedly tied to memory more than any other sense. The impression you create with people can become more memorable if you have a mild aroma that is your signature scent. While you will likely not be able to smell it after a few breaths in, you will still have a hint of the fragrance on your clothing throughout the day and you can tie a memory to a scent for your clients and personal relationships.


When choosing a fragrance, it is wise to be cautious about going overboard on a scent. As the senses develop, older individuals tend to be drawn towards muskier, layered scents. Floral top notes with woodsy, spiced basenotes can create a complex aroma that leaves people wanting more.


Tailored Clothing

There comes a point in every person’s life where clothes “off the rack” just won’t do anymore. You realize that no two bodies are alike and that what fits that mannequin just right probably won’t accent your assets as well. Taking the time to have your clothes professionally tailored will allow you to look your best in every company while feeling comfortable and confident.

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