5 Bizarre Treatments to Look Younger

Getting younger looking skin is such a thing of interest as people everywhere are looking forward for ways and means to remove the signs of aging. It’s not surprising why there are a lot of anti-aging products that are hitting the stores everywhere and that more medical centers are using equipment like an aquafacial unit. With people’s interest in maintaining their youthful skin, there seems to be a lot of unusual ways to maintain their youth. For those who are intent on knowing the best ways to stay young, here’s a quick rundown of some bizarre tips to maintain a healthy glow.

Vampire Face Mask

As myths go, when you become a vampire, you stop growing old and you can have eternal youth. For those who haven’t heard about this treatment yet, it is literally a bloody mess. Getting a bloody facial is deemed to be one of the most popular ways to look younger. This treatment involves drawing up blood from a body part, usually the arm, and injecting it back to the face in order to create plasma which is rich in platelets. The results are instant and you can do this right before a big event. Even Kim Kardashian has tried out this beauty treatment. Nevertheless, the treatment can sting a little although the results are spectacular.

Geisha Facial

Anyone would feel bad about the thought of bird droppings especially when they are all dressed up. However, you would be surprised that there is actually an anti-aging treatment utilizing bird poo. Combined with other ingredients that are proven to be excellent in making the skin look younger, bird boo happens to be a good facial treatment option. This treatment first became popular in Japan hence the name. However, it is also called as bird poo facial.

Sperm Facial

This is not a new thing as this has been around for ages and there have been lots of curiosity about this facial treatment. Research points out that semen have a component which is rich in antioxidants known as spermine. When it is applied to the face, this treatment can give the face a smoother texture and you can look forward to younger and fresher skin.

Bee Venom facial

No one would have thought that bee venom would do something as significant as help people look younger but there is enough scientific evidence to prove that it can. This bee venom treatment can supposedly smooth out those fools and wrinkles. This can, in turn, help in making the skin firmer and younger. Aside from that, this is a great catalyst for collagen production which has a huge effect on the skin’s elasticity. The venom creates a stinging feeling; the rush of the blood can increase the production of collagen which is great for giving women a youthful appearance.

Placenta Face Mask

Placenta treatment has been a popular facial treatment for ages and there are certainly a lot of places that offer this kind of treatment. Nevertheless, this is one of the most popular treatment options for those who are interested in looking young. This treatment actually makes use of stem cells which is derived from the placenta of sheep and this can tighten the skin and at the same time boost the production of collagen.

These days, there are a lot of facial nyc treatments which are available to individuals who are intent on improving their looks and to knock off a few years off their age by looking young. There are tons of skin care products that also have the same results and with other good habits, looking younger even at an advanced age is certainly possible although the results may not be as dramatic these facial treatments. These bizarre treatments are certainly interesting but are you willing to go through them to look younger?


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