5 Calorie Conscious Cocktails For The Holidays

Oh, the holidays. That joyful time of year we look forward to all year. Cozy atmosphere, old records crackling Christmas classics, family, yummy drinks, delicious food, and did I mention drinks and food?  You wait for this celebratory season all year long, so what’s the fun of holding back? What if I told you that you didn’t have to hold back – simply make a few alterations. Instead of reaching for the rum and eggnog, try one of these low-cal alternatives, which pack just as much Christmas cheer punch. Just remember that if you plan to sell any drinks to have the proper liquor licensing and remember to drink always in moderation, as the holidays are better with ice skating and singing carols than spent in addiction recovery.


The joys of whiskey are misunderstood by those who have only tried the cheaper variety. A good whiskey can warm your chest and please your palate like none other. As Mark Twain said himself, ““Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”  A good whiskey can be enjoyed virtually calorie free on ice, on it’s own known as “neat,” or with sparkling or flat water. Try adding a lime for an extra zest. Another perk to whiskey is that it can be enjoyed hot. Try it in a cup made with delicious colombian whole bean coffee or as hot toddy. Just skip the sweeteners.


This virtually calorie free spirit is one of the most versatile because of it’s nearly neutral flavor. Because of this light flavor, Vodka can be replaced in most recipes for any other spirit because of it’s ability to blend. You can also check out for other vodka recipes. Much like it’s cousin, whiskey, vodka can also be enjoyed low calorically with soda water. Try muddling 6 wedges of lime or lemon in addition to the soda and vodka. You’re in for a super low-calorie refreshing treat.


There are roughly 95 calories in a glass of champagne, making it a fitness and diet fan’s favorite. It also happens to be delicious, and studies have shown it actually has certain health benefits such as fighting off Alzheimers. Compared to a pint of beer which has about 200 calories, reach for this bubbly alternative at your local liquor store which cuts your intake nearly in half.


Just like vodka, gin is a clear grain based spirit, but much different flavor. Gin has nearly the same amount of calories but packs a certain spice in it’s flavor. Gin is best enjoyed in low-calorie form cold on ice, either with a soda or tonic. Try a small dash of orange juice for even more diverse flavor. Visit the Orangina Site for their offerings.

Red Wine

If the holidays had a mascot other than Santa, it would be a giant glass of wine. Christmas and red wine seem to go hand in hand. Because of red wine’s effect on warming the chest in cold winter temperatures, and pairing beautifully with seasonal foods like turkey and ham, this is a holiday favorite beverage. Luckily it also happens to be about 100 calories a serving. So fear not, stick to red wine and skip that egg nog and you should feel your holiday pants fit much less snug by the new year.

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