5 Ways to Develop Individuality While Remaining Trendy and Stylish

5 Ways to Develop Individuality While Remaining Trendy and StylishEstablishing a one-of-a-kind style is more difficult than it might seem. It is not a matter of simply wearing outrageous clothing and attracting attention. One has to nurture her own sensibilities while keeping things fresh. Even seasoned fashionistas struggle to maintain their own unique aesthetics within the confines of popular trends. There are several ways for budding style stars to experiment with fashion and stay on trend at the same time.

1) Starting with a foundation of basics is the safest way for someone to begin to develop her own style. Nondescript items like jeans and t-shirts offer variability when it comes to fit and color. Slim-fitting tops give women the opportunity to show off their figures. Women who flaunt their shapes are bold and sassy. A woman who wants to exude a more laid-back vibe should wear more relaxed clothing. Playing with subtle things like fit allows women to cultivate uniqueness without making these experiments obvious. Once one decides which silhouettes best suit her personality, she can move on to flashier endeavors.

2) Every woman needs a great pair of boots. She should take some time to look online and in magazines to get a feel for what would work best with her body and clothing style. Casual girls should try low-key, masculine boots from Frye or Dr. Martens. Women who prefer something edgier will have no trouble finding high-heeled boots that extend up to the knees. The goal should be to find one pair of boots that can be worn with every outfit. A woman who wears distinctive boots with pants, dresses and skirts will always garner positive attention.

3) If one is already satisfied with the way her clothes look, she can focus on her hair and makeup. Wild eye makeup and hair that is dyed an unnaturally bright color are hallmarks of someone who wants to be noticed.

4) Fragrance is an oft-overlooked aspect of style. A woman who knows that she smells good carries herself with extra confidence, which makes her look stylish even if her clothes are not particularly trendy. Fresh, fruity scents are youthful and fun. Perfumes that have heavy vanilla or amber notes are mature. A perfume with a perfectly balanced fragrance, such as the Emporio Armani Perfume for Her, is an essential part of one’s social presence. It shows other people that she cares about how all of her characteristics are perceived.

5) Embracing vintage is a fun way to find items that no one else has. Well-worn leather items are good choices, as are antique jewelry and old-fashioned hats. Vintage accessories give modern outfits whimsical flair and speak to the classic sensibilities of the wearer.

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