7 Ways to Advertise a Brand New Clothing Line Quickly

Launching a new clothing line can be an exciting and fulfilling process if all goes well. On the other hand, if things don’t go as planned and you wind up not selling a lot of the clothes you’re making, it can be easy to get discouraged and start for looking ways to revamp the business. In many cases, it’s not the quality of the clothes you’re making but the types of advertising you’re using that is causing the lack of leads and sales. Thus, before you start going back to the drawing board to revise your own products and services, it might be better to try a few new marketing methods to see if additional promotion can solve the problem. We recommend you visit for one of the best marketing strategies that you can use.

You may also want to consider the help of a brand strategy agency. Your brand strategy helps you to understand what your business is and what it stands for. It includes brand purpose, brand vision, brand position, and brand essence. Once a strategy is in place, it helps to guide the way in which you communicate what your brand is.

With that said, here are seven more excellent ways to start gaining exposure for your brand new clothing line:

1. Make and Distribute a Flyer

Flyers might seem old-fashioned but they are still widely used with great results and they remain a great way to generate brand awareness. Plus, it’s a cheap tactic that you can even do independently without spending any money other than the cost of covering the paper and ink. Nowadays, flyer design has been drastically simplified by the use of apps for flyer creation. As long as you have access to a printer, which you should as a burgeoning business, then you should have no problem designing and printing your own flyers. After that, all it takes is a little groundwork to get your brand in front of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of passersby.

2. Use Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are people who continually advertise your brand by wearing it and recommending it on social media and in person. Generally speaking, you’ll want to choose people who lead active, outgoing lifestyles and have extensive social followings. You can even set up a system to reward your ambassadors so that they’re able to receive a commission off of each sale they recommend. Simply assign a special coupon code to each ambassador and then instruct them to give leads that code when checking out for a 10% discount. This way, the customer gets a discount, and you’re able to track which ambassador or affiliate referred the customer.

3. Network with Instagram Personalities

One social network in particular that you should strive to be a part of is Instagram. This is easily the most valuable website for companies trying to advertise in the fashion industry because it’s a playground for models and fashionistas worldwide. If you can get someone with more than 1 million followers to take a few pictures of themselves wearing your brand, there’s a good chance you’ll gather a decent amount of promising leads from that one piece of exposure. If you can convince a few powerful Instagram personalities to be long-term brand ambassadors as mentioned in the previous step, you’ll be well on your way to popularizing your clothing line into a household name. You should also hire an ORM professional like Andy Defrancesco.

4. Attend Concerts and Other Big Events

It’s no secret that the younger generation is usually the primary target of new clothing lines, so why not position yourself where a portion of your targeted audience will be located. If you want to become a factor in popular culture you have to participate and strive to associate your brand with events and acts that already have a huge following of their own. Setting up a stand or simply handing out t-shirts, hats, or other branded products at a major concert can do a lot to open eyes to your brand.

5. Hold a Sale and Advertise with Signage

If your clothing line is being sold primarily out of one or a few local locations then it might be a good idea to hold a sale and advertise it aggressively using signage or Vinyl floor graphics. People like cheap clothing, and if you can get them in the doors and prove that your product is worth more than the price, they’re most likely going to share the experience and return at a later date. You may even want to give customers a special discount code or card that they can use when coming back to reward them for participating in the sale.

6. Give Away Branded T-Shirts

T-shirts are relatively cheap when you’re buying them in bulk wholesale, and a brand shirt can go a long way in being a walking advertisement for your clothing line for many months or even years to come. Plus, most people will accept and eventually wear a free t-shirt if it’s brand new and features a nice design. Of course, you don’t want to overboard and exhaust a sizable portion of your budget giving away free things, but definitely calculate what you can afford to devote to giveaways and invest in them gradually, as it will inevitably pay off with long-term brand exposure.

Aside from giving branded shirts, you may also go for a personalized shirt as a promotional product for your brand new clothing line. You can look for a Wholesale Screen Printing Provider to help you on this.

7. Create a Strong Social Media Presence

Finally, nowadays it should almost go without saying that a strong social media presence is a must for any new clothing line. If you’re not visible and active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Periscope, then you’ll definitely be missing out on a lot of web traffic and potential leads. You can check out to make you an eye-catching website. Even if you only operate a local brick and mortar and haven’t yet begun selling clothing online, taking the initiative to launch an online campaign is a great way to lay the foundation for a strong expansion to global sales. Visit for additional marketing and SEO resources.

8. Is Offline Still Worth the Time?

With so many people praising the advantages of hiring a SEO Agency for better advertising online, it can be easy to think that offline efforts might not even matter for a clothing line. However, that’s simply not the case, especially if your offline campaign is taking place in a densely populated metropolitan area. Overall, yes offline advertising can still have some payoffs for brands that are trying make a name for themselves outside of appearing on website ads and social media. The question is not whether you should spend your time on offline methods, the question is what percentage of your budget and schedule should you devote to it. If you’re still just getting started, then you can visit sites like and read the article to know more. And if you’re creating a website for your business it’s important that you have dedicated server hosting to ensure that your site loads quickly, otherwise potential customers will move on to the next website. If you want to invest your budget on online marketing, make sure you have a strong internet connection for your company. Eatel Business can help you with that.


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