A man’s guide to wearing jewelry – Things they should consider taking into account

Men are usually too sceptical about wearing jewelry as they think that this is something that fits a woman in the best way. It is true that jewelry was always associated with women but time is changing nowadays and more men are being able to accept jewelry as a part of their dress-up and wardrobe. They have started wearing silver rings, apart from the ones that have been given to them during marriage and this shows that they gradually like the idea of wearing accessories along with their clothes.

The tiny pieces of metal and stone usually have a huge impact on the opinions of people which we’re trying to know and you have to ensure that you’re sending the right visual message. If you’re a man who’s reading this post, here is a guide that you may take into account on wearing the best accessories and jewelry and teaming it up with the best outfit. To if you need more jewelry for your wardrobe, check this cheap jewelry subscription service at

Rules for men who prefer wearing jewelry

  • Try and keep it simple and elegant: Whenever you’re in doubt, try and keep it simple. You can start off with wearing a leather-strapped silver watch and in case you regularly wear watches, you can certainly afford a diving watch with a band of stainless steel. You can then buy tie accessories and cufflinks. These are few accepted pieces of jewelry for men and once you kickstart wearing them, you can coolly move on to few more. You can find beautiful silver links here.
  • Match whatever metals you wear: When it comes to jewelry for men, most of it is metallic. Silver and gold tones are extremely common and when you choose the metals, make sure your outfit features just one metal tone at a time. Less is always more and since you’re a man and not a woman, less should be more for you.
  • Comprehend the symbolism of the jewelry: Jewelry has meaning and you have to understand the symbolism if you wish to wear it smartly. If a man chooses to wear a piece of jewelry outside the norm, he has to be extremely careful. In your daily getup, if you appear to be flashy, that won’t look good on you. At the same time, jewelry can also add a little bit of uniqueness and color to your outfit.
  • Match dress codes with jewelry: In the world of business, company dress codes can restrict men from wearing jewelry. This demands men to wear only few chosen pieces of jewelry and hence you should opt for wearing some serious and elegant pieces of jewelry. Piercings are usually dicey even when you don it with casual outfits but if your social circles are okay with piercings, you can definitely go for it.

So, being a man doesn’t bar you from wearing pieces of jewelry. You just have to be careful about the choices that you make and the things that you buy. Make sure you buy things from reputable jewelry stores so that they’re authentic metals.

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