Are Engagement Rings Still Fashionable?

The engagement ring is a stalwart of most marriages. Its origins have been traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians, some of whom have been discovered having been buried wearing gold or silver wire rings on the third finger of their left hands. In the 2nd century, gold rings were used for special occasions and iron rings were used at home. 1477 saw the first use of a diamond engagement ring, and by the 1940s engagement rings had become the leading line of jewellery in most major department stores around the world.

Traditional Marriage in Decline

Nevertheless, while engagement rings have risen in popularity, marriage itself has declined in the modern era. Its essential to select right indian bridal makeup artist if your planning Indian style wedding. Not only that, but those couples who do decide to tie the knot have begun to do away with many of the trappings of traditional wedding ceremonies, abandoning veils, white dresses, altars and rings in favour of casual attire, beaches and tattoos (in some cases).

One of the driving forces behind the questioning of these traditional elements has been the rise of women’s liberation and equal rights for men and women. Engagement rings are the perfect symbol of how societal changes have affected traditional practices, with many women now choosing not to wear and engagement ring and some even abandoning the idea of a wedding ring as well. Nevertheless, engagement rings still endure and fashion may be the answer as to why this is.

Bespoke Ring Designs

Engagement rings, as fashion items, can communicate many things about the taste, wealth and social status of the wearer. To compensate for declining interest, many engagement ring manufacturers have begun to produce engagement rings which stray from the usual styles, incorporating unusual metal, stones and designs in an attempt to win back popular opinion. In fact, it’s now the norm to be able to go to a bespoke designer such as Diamond Boutique in order to get an engagement ring custom-made to your exact specifications.

New Universal Appeal

Engagement rings haven’t only changed in terms of their appearance – they’ve also changed in terms of who is wearing them. Even though the practice has been around (albeit underground) for some time, the news that film start Jonny Depp is wearing an engagement ring has helped to propel these rings out of the domain of the purely feminine and into a new, genderless space. As a result, it looks as though engagement rings – already made fashionable through bespoke design – are set to experience another fashion revival.

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