Be a Queen of Batting Eyelashes

Did you know that the mascara you use to make your eyelashes appear longer can get infected? And there is little you can do with such contaminated cosmetics, as they remain in dark and moist bottles, which could breed bacteria, according to an article in The Pendulum Online, a site managed by Elon University. Lashes are essential for protecting our eyes and are a major contributor to the beauty of our eyes. Who would not want to have an eyelash extensions procedure to have long, lustrous lashes that can be flaunted? While there are several reasons for losing lashes, there are very effective eyelash extension products that can help you transform into a queen of batting eyelashes. Yes, there are serums and conditioners that boost the growth of eyelashes, although it could take a few weeks for you to notice the change.


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Start With the Leader

The best way to begin your endeavor for beautiful lashes is to identify the most effective solution. One way to make your choice would be to check out review sites that give detailed information about the various products including Lash Fills. For instance, reputed review sites like have detailed of eyelash growth products like Latisse, which happens to be the first and only FDA approved eyelash growth serum. Latisse eyelash growth products are available only on prescription, from a qualified doctor. The FDA approval was given in 2009 and it was from here that the eyelash enhancement product market took baby-steps towards becoming what it is today. Latisse is a 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic formulation that offers a scientific based solution for improving eyelash prominence measured by darkness, thickness and length. You need to use this product once a day by applying it at the base of your eyelashes with a single use applicator. As well informed Latisse users will tell you, results are expected in 16 weeks. However, continued usage will be required for maintaining growth.

Going By Demand

Latisse, the product with which it all began has now paved the way for several effect serums for safe and prompt eyelash and eyebrow enhancement. Lashovee has been high demand in recent times. The formulation has been created in an FDA approved facility and promises 100% safety and zero irritation. Several private researches have been carried out stating that the product has managed to deliver 100% results. Usage is simple too. Like eyeliner application, you need to apply it to the base of your upper and lower lashes and leave overnight. It is important to avoid the product getting into the eyes. Usage should be discontinued if irritation persists.

What if I need an Instant Transformation for a Party or a Gathering?

As Latisse reviews or reviews of any other enhancement compounds will tell you, these growth formulations require some time for delivering results. Instant improvements cannot be seen. The only option for instant enhancements is eyelash extensions which need to be attached to your eyelashes. The process is lengthy and could prove to be cumbersome for some. Professional assistance is a great idea in such cases.

Protect Your Eyes

Lash enhancement is not merely about aesthetics. It is also about protecting your eyes from all the dust, grime and pollution. And enhancement serums are your best pick for transforming your lashes into ideal protective gears. The longer they are, the more protected your eyes will be. For more information on eyelash serums, click here .

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