Beat The Winter Blues With These Beauty Rituals

Are you finding yourself weeping silently as you begrudgingly stuff your bikinis in a drawer while pulling all your scarves and fuzzy hats out?  The day trips to the beach and picnics in the lush grass are a thing of the past, and you have to wait another year for summer again.  Instead of green trees and bright flowers lining the streets, we see bare branches, and gutters full of tire marked snow. If you’re one of those “summer people” that simply does not like winter, then try these beauty tips to keep your attitude positive and self-esteem up.

Sunless Tanning

If you have a pale complexion, using a tanning spray or tanning lotion is one of those things that make you feel instantly more attractive.  Darker skin makes you appear slimmer and gives you a healthy glow.  The lack of sun in winter can leave you looking pasty and ill, which is not very encouraging when you are already feeling in the dumps about the season.  It’s also free of damaging UV rays and can look even better than a tan from the sun! Some people fear spray tanning may not apply itself evenly, but fear not. Beautisol founder Sinead Norenius says, “If the worst happens and you look more like an Oompa Loompa than a bronzed goddess, don’t worry: At-home removal is super-easy.”  By soaking in a hot tub then exfoliating, any streakiness or patches will disappear. And make sure that you’re Maintaining Your Brazilian Wax During Winter.


Our feet can get sad and dry inside our winter boots for 6 months, unlike the summer when we can let our feet breathe and touch the soft Turf Grass and ocean. Our hands can also get very dry and cracked in the cold air.  Don’t let your winter hands and feet get the best of you!  Treat yourself to a mani/pedi every two weeks.  The nice thing about this beauty ritual is that it can be shared with a friend.  Sometimes the ultimate social activity is sitting in your relaxing pedicure chairs together with a lap full of magazines as someone pampers your feet.  This doesn’t have to break the bank either.  Often if you look on discount websites like Groupon you can find very affordable deals as low as $5 a session.

Hair Treatments

Hair can become brittle and dry in the winter from the air outside and the heating indoors. In addition to washing your hair less, get a deep conditioning treatment. You can either buy an at home product or get a professional conditioning treatment.  Don’t have the cash? Many beauty schools offer deep conditioning processes for a fraction of the price.  Moisturized and healthy hair is a beauty must in the winter.  After all, you can change your clothes, but your hair you wear every day. Make it fabulous!

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