Best TV and Movie Reviews : 5 Directors Who Consistently Top the Lists

While it is almost always the celebrities we see in headlines, let us also not forget the people working behind the camera to make all our favourite TV Series and Movies come to life. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the directors – the ones who call the shots, the game makers and put simply, one of the greatest behinds some of the best content we have ever seen thanks to our cable tv provider who puts on all of our favorite shows and movies. 


Having chart-topping TV and Movie Reviews is one way to make a name for yourself in the show business industry. Some of them once garnered recognition for the work they contributed in the big screens. On the other hand, some of them are the brilliant minds behind our go-to Weekend-Night series Binge. Some of them did not just excel in one or the other – they did an excellent job for both TV and Movies. 


While it is definitely not easy and it takes years of hard work, creativity and exemplary skill – these 5 directors prove that they are some of the biggest names in the industry for good reason. You may have read about them already in some of the best movie review sites or entertainment portals. Without further ado, let us get to know them! 


Baz Luhrmann 


With several raving movie reviews under his sleeve for his works such as Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet and The Great Gatsby, it was relatively easier for him to convince Netflix to shell out some capital for his shift to TV as his titles are considered some of the best movies on netflix. As expected, the series he is working on entitled “The Get Down” gives us a glimpse of his lavish perspective on the earlier stages of hip hop. Despite being only moderately hyped – many of the reviews claim that the series is “underrated”. In fact, many of its viewers are waiting for the release of the second half of the show. 


David Fincher 


Having made a name for himself for creating high-brow and highly cerebral films such as the Fight Club, Seven and Zodiac – it is no surprise that his TV debut would also be for something that is along the lines of intellectual content. David Fincher both produced and directed the TV adaptation of House of Cards which exposes the closed-door dealings of the Capitol Hill. Instead of the usual TV Cable release, the said series was released in bulk on Netflix as well as other on-demand streaming platforms. 


Martin Scorsese 


Winning an Academy Award for Directing is probably  one of the biggest milestones in a director’s life. With hardwork, creativity and award-winning skill, Martin Scorsese has already long-achieved this milestone. He is the brilliant mind who decided to bring the prohibition-era crime drama Boardwalk Empire to the premium cable TV network, HBO. For that, he won another award at the Emmy for directing the pilot episode of the show. 


Gus Van Sant 


Another director with an impressive list of accolades in this list is Gus Van Sant. He had his first nomination in 2009 for his movie, “Milk”. After that, he focused his attention on a TV series called “Boss” under the Starz Network. The said series followed the story of a fictional Chicago mayor who tries to keep his family together amidst being diagnosed with dementia and trying to run a city. The series only lasted for two seasons but it was nominated for two Golden Globes. 


Nicole Holofcener


After directing the hit movie “Enough Said”, Nicole Holofcener has been consistently making waves on TV in the last couple of years. She has directed many TV episodes, including some in Parks and Recreation, Orange Is The New Black and the recently released One Mississippi by Amazon. 


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