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Blue Nile Reviews: Positive vs. Negative


Website Reviews is one of the major ways in order to get an information and knowledge about the legitimacy and quality of a certain product. When you are shopping online, the first thing you need to do is to ask for the previous clients’ opinions on what’s the best line of product to purchase. However, not all website reviews are legit and true. Sometimes, they exist just to damage a well known company to bring them down. And some other times, the manufacturers of those items pay their employees to post glowing reviews for items which may actually be the opposite of the truth. Nowadays, reviews played a major role in e-commerce especially to companies dealing with expensive products such as jewelries like the Blue Nile.

Since 1999, Blue Nile has been around and through the world web market; it has clearly become a well known company. Blue Nile is clearly a powerhouse of a company.  They are the leader in online diamond sales.  Nobody can compete with them when it comes to the size of their inventory of loose diamonds, and nobody has nearly as deep of an inventory of engagement ring settings.  Therefore, they are generally expected to have the best customer service and have the best flexibility character towards their clients. However, their reviews give a mixed picture that doesn’t paint a clear picture of the store.

Reviews have to general type, the positive and negative, the same with Blue Nile reviews. Their reviews are composed either positive or negative, and usually in extremes. Reviews do not only differ in contents but also in appearance.

Positive reviews are undoubtedly type of review which gives the aura of goodness because these reviews generally praise the customer service or the quality of the diamond, but usually are vague making their comment shorter in appearance of words. As well, the similarity of how every positive clients comment in their review websites could be observed that’s why a lot of readers would think that they are only bluffing and the product might be really not good, contrasting to what they are saying. However, there is positive Blue Nile reviews that clearly show an amount of originality that speak of a positive experience. If most of the opinions in the website review come this way, then it won’t appear that the company is only making up the information about itself.

On the other hand, negative Blue Nile reviews are quite different. Negative reviews are much more near to the truth not only because of its length but also because of the clear and precise explanation of the commentator. Personal information such as the amount spent on a given piece of jewelry and how the customer service treated them is the most often comments and opinions posted by these clients making it more believable. This is something that is sorely lacking in positive reviews. However, this can be explained by the fact that those who do not call more than likely had a positive experience.

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