Building the Perfect Custom Jewelry Piece

The word diamond comes from “adamas,” which is a Greek word meaning invincible or indestructible. For all the men who are looking for more options for their ladies and the ladies who just cannot do with an ordinary piece of jewelry, the option of getting a customized diamond jewelry made is total bliss. However, you need to know the process to get it right.

Where to Start?

After the idea of custom jewelry has allured you enough, start looking for authentic jewelers you can trust for your design to come alive just the way you wanted it. You can look online for reliable jewelers with skill and experience, like Union Diamond , for design ideas for diamond jewelry. Apart from offering custom jewelry designing, such jewelers will also offer a range of items that might fancy you. For instance, you can choose from various engagement rings, with the option of getting them made in different metals, such as palladium, platinum, or yellow, white or rose gold. If you need more options or are looking to tweak the design further, all you need to do is contact the jeweler.


General Style

Of course you have an idea in your head when you go on to get a custom jewelry piece made. Since, you are not a professional jewelry maker, you might just want to start with the general idea of what you want your piece to look like. Think about the style, personality and occasion you are getting it designed for. You might get confused while choosing between vintage, modern or unique.

The Metal

Once you have a rough idea of the style and design you want your jewelry to be made in, the metal to be used should be chosen. The first thing to remember is that different precious and semi precious stones will look best in a specific metal. So, before you consider silver, gold, platinum or palladium, decide on the stone that you want set in the piece. At sites like Union Diamond, you also have the choice of yellow, white and rose gold to best complement the precious stone. If you aren’t a fan of stone settings, you could even opt for 24 karat/carat gold jewelry made without stones. Even the experts get confused if it’s karat or carat, read this article to learn about the difference between How to buy gold bullion, Karat and Carat, . Yellow gold is generally used for vintage jewelry, while white gold gives a modern touch to your ornament.


While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, there are many other stones that can actually look great. You could even choose to have a combination of stones, such as a sapphire and diamond ring. Custom jewelry is not limited to rings only. You can also get custom earrings and necklaces. Find more information about personalized earrings here. Many love to wear pieces that have their birthstone or even their favorite gemstone set in them. A popular choice is black and white diamond jewelry in Georgia, Atlanta.

The Finishing Touch

So, you finally have an idea of what you exactly want. You can now give your personal touch by experimenting with the shapes, sizes, etc, of your piece of diamond jewelry. Don’t forget to check the cut and weight of the diamond and the purity of the chosen metal when you place an order.

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