Creative Ways to Buying an Engagement Ring on a Budget

So you’re looking for titanium wedding bands for men? Congratulations! But you want to be responsible about it. Spending several months’ worth of pay used to be the standard, but things are a little different now. Nowadays, people tend to spend well on rings, but lavishly on after-wedding things such as honeymoons and homes. But how do you buy an engagement ring on a budget without coming off as cheap? It’s easier than you think!

1. Buy From Alternative Sites.

Sites like Etsy have a wide variety of antique, handcrafted, custom, and unique rings like a 7 Carat Asscher Cut Engagement Ring. You can find plenty of rings that are well below value, and if you want to spend a certain amount of money, you will find that you can stretch your dollar a lot further on Etsy. It’s a well-trusted site with plenty of well-rated sellers.

2. Create the Ring of Her Dreams Yourself.

With guides like this around, it’s actually pretty realistic to create the perfect engagement ring for your soon-to-be spouse. If you’re worried about tools and space – don’t be. More and more places like 10Bit are cropping up. These places rent out space for you to work, along with machinery and tools that you might need. You could also design the ring yourself on a design your own engagement rings site and have it custom made by a metal worker, which is sometimes cheaper than a jeweler. For the gems, hit up gem shows (they’re usually annual or bi-annual) for cheap but high-quality gems.

3. Garage & Estate Sales

You probably won’t find a grand ring at a garage sale, but you can find some good “bones”. People sometimes just want to get rid of their “old junk” and don’t really care if they practically give away a gold band that is missing a gem. something like that is great to get your hands on so you can sell it to scrap gold buyers. Estate sales won’t be as cheap as garage sales, but they will still save you tons of money when compared to going to a jeweler. If you’re worried about size, you can easily have the ring fitted to your beloved for far less than buying a brand new ring.

4. Oddities Shops

Likewise, you can check out antique and oddities shops. These can provide you with a much more unique selection than standard jewelers, and oddities shops especially can save you quite the pretty penny. Oddities shops tend to be laid out in inciting, interesting ways. So you’ll probably want to ask for some help finding jewelry throughout the store. It’s there – just spread out to look more appealing. However, the more expensive stuff still tends to be behind glass. So keep an eye out!

5. Take Out a Loan.

While piling up debt before the big day isn’t the best idea, there are some smart ways to take out a loan for the ring. Taking out a secured installment loan can be helpful. You can also take out a payday loan for a down payment for the ring and just make monthly payments to the jeweler directly afterward.

Whatever way you choose to go, we wish you the best of luck and a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations again and happy hunting!


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