Fill Your Stomach with Saline to Lose Weight? Really?

Surgery, for many people, is taking things a little step too far, particularly if it is to help them lose weight, visit here to find alternative ways to drop some weight with supplements. But how far is not too far for you? How about having a balloon put inside your stomach to stop you from eating as much? That is exactly what the gastric balloon does, and it is quickly becoming one of the more popular procedures out there, many people are not willing to do this surgery but they still what to loose weight and some have said this Okinawa flat belly tonic has worked wonders.

A Brief History of the Gastric Balloon

One doctor from California came up with the idea of a balloon to help people to lose weight, and he can now say that he has done it. He has completed a number of studies now to show that his procedure is effective, with several patients having had the dual balloon inserted. This procedure was pioneered by Justin Braverman, M.D., who completed it at the Newport Beach, CA N.E.W. Program Bariatric Center.

What Is the Gastric Balloon?

Basically, it is now an accepted alternative to full bariatric surgery. A dual balloon is inserted without the need for anesthesia, and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. A clinical study has been completed on the ReShape Medical dual balloon. This company is based in Clemente, CA, and their studies have demonstrated that the balloon, once inserted into a patient’s stomach, takes up so much space that patients can no longer consume as much food. After six months, the balloon is removed and the patient can get back to normal. We would like to Refer to this intermittent fasting guide that has helped many people to quickly lose weight.

The idea of this gastric balloon was created because there are now millions upon millions of people on the planet who are creeping up to morbid obesity, but not quite there yet. Often, gastric surgery is only offered to those who have a BMI over 40 or 35 with an eating disorder, which means many people have to become morbidly obese before help is given to them but those who need eating disorder treatment can start whenever they’d like to. The gastric balloon changes this, as it can be given to people with a much lower BMI. In fact, someone who is overweight and has almost reached the obese stage, although being far away from the morbidly obese stage, would even be a good candidate. Furthermore, there are those people whose BMI is so high that they cannot safely undergo surgery. For them, the gastric balloon can be a way to help them lose enough weight to be able to go under anesthesia after six months.

The N.E.W. Program is highly respected for its metabolic and obesity management. In fact, it has been designated as a bariatric surgery Center of Excellence, In 2000, it was one of the locations where the Lap Band was first clinically tested, which is now one of the most popular surgical weight loss procedure, to get more tip on weigh loss. check out the Mens Journal website. They are constantly looking at new and innovative methods of helping to beat the obesity epidemic (pandemic?), and it seems that the gastric balloon is one of those methods that could just change the world.

If you have been considering weight loss surgery, you may want to ask about his procedure first.

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