Finding Fashion With Form And Function

It used to be that you simply wore clothing to cover yourself. There weren’t as many choices in colors and patterns centuries ago. And then style became important and you needed to keep up with the latest fashions, or live in the past fashions if you were a fan of vintage clothing or thrift stores.

Nowadays, clothing actually has more and more functions than just covering your bits. You can go to your favorite womens clothing boutique and buy clothing that cools you, keeps you dry, tracks certain things throughout your day, and you can even find clothing that can help you heal.

There are socks with lotion in them to keep your feet looking beautiful during sandal weather. You can wear accessories that look like fashionable bracelets that help you track your weight loss endeavors. And, you can also buy the following garments.

Fighting Foot Fatigue And Pain

If you spend a lot of time on your feet you may want to invest in some fashion accessories that can help keep your feet more comfortable. There are shoes with certain assets that can help if you run, walk, or jog. Some keep your feet more supported, while others keep your feet cool. You can also buy inserts that will help with stability.

While gradient compression socks may be popular for pregnant women these days, they are also great for people that spend a lot of time moving around on their feet. Runners tend to use them, and they can help keep your feet and legs from suffering from fatigue and other pains.

Fitness Clothes That Keep You Dry

If you spend a lot of time working out, or just working up a sweat, you may want to invest in some clothing that has wicking properties. Many pieces of workout clothing these days are being made specifically with materials, like bamboo, that have natural wicking abilities. This means that they absorb away the sweat so that you continue to feel dry and cool.

Undergarments That Keep You Cool

If you are a woman and you spend any time shopping in the intimates it’s likely you’ve seen bras that say they can keep you cool. For women with a little more on top, or women that workout a lot, this could sound like a dream come true.

Basically, these bras are made to breathe, which helps keep your boobs from getting all sweaty. It may save you from needing to powder that area, and can help you avoid things like chafing and even sweat stains.

This is just a glimpse of the clothing that is available that has more function than just form. There are new technologies coming out all the time, and fashion is definitely a crossover for technology to keep an eye on.

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