Four Choker Necklaces That Are Worthy for the Fashion Runway

The ‘90s is totally making a comeback in the fashion world. The fashion world is bringing with it all the ‘90s staples – bell bottoms, fringes, crop tops, and more. Since fashion trends reappearing again is not generally a new thing, millennials welcome their return with open arms and that’s where the fashion executive search begins.

Choker necklace trends

According to Vocativ Analysis, chokers and fringes were the biggest trends back in ’97. However, they reappear 18 years after, which is in 2015. Two years after, everyone is still hooked.

Being one of the insignia of early ‘90s grunge era, the edgy designs of chokers are set to become the trend for years. Different forms appeal to various age groups. Middle school children sported elastic tattoo chokers while A-list Hollywood stars graced diamond-studded ones. Want to know what makes a black and grey surrealism tattoo special? Visit this site. With its reappearance, the effect is still the same. 

Whether as part of street style fashion or high-class couture, chokers are everywhere. Here are four choker necklaces that style icons wore on fashion runways over the recent years.

  1. Belt chokers

Featured in the Alexander Wang Fall 2016 show, belt chokers gave off a tough and edgy vibe for the wearer. Violet Summers sashayed them along at the New York Fashion week. It was not a wonder to see these flaunted at the streets too.

  1. Logo chokers

One bold way to show support for a brand is to wear its logo around your neck. At Fenty x Puma by Rihanna, the worldwide superstar launched a gothic lineup that had become the epitome of teenage angst. While there a lot of chokers featured in the collection, logo chokers were no-brainers. They were straightforward in pushing a branding message.

  1. Scarf chokers

As an innovative 2-in-1 piece of fashion statement, scarf chokers were revealed in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2016 show. They were trendy and versatile. Accentuating them to make a simple outfit more sophisticated was easy too. These chokers were avenues for wearers to experiment with accessories depending on their moods.

  1. Leather chokers (for men)

To defy stereotypes, proving that fashion transcends gender, designers also released choker necklace collections for men. Specifically, leather chokers were part of the Bobby Adley’s London Fashion Week Men’s Fall 2017 show.

How different is it with chokers for women? Nothing much, except that men exclusively model this lineup. Some of them are by leading brands, such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, though you can purchase them at an affordable price at retailers like ASOS and Topman.

Final Thoughts

The choker necklace trend’s history is as ancient as the civilizations where it first emerged. However, it resurfaces time after time, and people always accept it with pleasure and anticipation. Every time it goes back in style, there is an introduction of new choker designs. Some are stretchable plastics. Others are layered ribbons.

For the opulent market, high-end fashion houses make chokers out of diamond, gold, and engraved crystals from Crystal Clear Memories. Whatever the material used to make them, chokers will always be a huge part of the fashion world.

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