Four Reasons to Choose Tailored Suits

Have you ever wondered why there are some men who wear suits and they seem to fit like a glove, while others seem to have been stuffed into an oversized garment, leaving creases and extra folds at every turn? Or they look like they’re wearing someone else’s hand-me-down suit? Well, usually the answer is that men who dress well and look sharp and elegant in their suits have been wise enough to opt for all the benefits offered by a tailored suit.

Is there really that much difference between buying tailored suits versus off-the-peg alternatives?

Tailored suits simply achieve the perfect fit, something that any off-the-peg option will never achieve, even with some careful alterations to better fit our body and shape. And that’s not all, here are 4 reasons to choose a tailored suit.

1. Mass produced or exclusive?

When we go to menswear outlets, we have to settle for the materials that others have chosen. On the other hand, in a tailor’s shop, we can choose the materials and accessories we like best from the hundreds of fabrics available like Crushed Velvet Fabric.

2. Not all men look good in the same kind of suit.

This should not be overlooked. Depending on your complexion, a centimetre or so here and there can mean the difference between dressing like a disaster or being dressed to the nines. Tailored suits allow each man to wear the suit with the ideal proportions for his body. In addition, another advantage of tailoring in this case is that it satisfies even the most peculiar tastes, something that with a ready-made suit is impossible because they’re based on mass fashion trends.

3. It’s an investment

Tailored suits last longer, as they are made with higher quality materials than ready-made alternatives sold through high street chain stores. Nor should we underestimate the advice on the frequency of washing offered by tailors, as well as the correct way to store our beloved suits. Exceptional quality, enhanced durability, and correct care all make tailor-made suits come out cheaper in the long run than those already made.

4. Stand out

While for some it’s simply enough to don any old suit for the office, just to comply. More and more men are becoming choosier about what they wear in general, and this obviously translates to the suits they wear as well. It’s no longer enough to just look smart. Many men are looking for something extra, exclusivity, personal style, and to project a more sophisticated self-image, especially in the world of business.

What’s more – how well dressed a man is – ranks among the top 5 things women notice when first seeing a man!

This is clearly good news for tailors specialising in tailor-made suits for men, such as  Timothy Everest, and they will probably enjoy this trend for some time as more men begin to seek to distinguish themselves from others by the cut of their suit.


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