Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: 4 Fashion Tips for a Wild Night on the Town

The mantra “look good, feel good” is commonly referenced in fashion. However, when it comes to a night on the town, I would add my own adapted saying of “dress fun, have fun.” When you go out for a night on the town after a stressful week at work, you want to really let loose and prepare for a good time, so why not take a few risks in your outfit choice? If you’re used to rocking the conservative professional look, these tips will help you break out of your shell with a sexy and flashy new image.

1. Wear Those Heels for Realz

Like every fashionista, you’re probably drawn by some unknown force to those shiny, outrageously high heels the second you walk in the shoe department. You don’t know why, and you know you’ll never wear them, but suddenly you’re asking the sales attendant for a size eight and then you’re walking out of the store, bag in hand. We’ve all been there. Your night out is finally the time for you to show off your wild side by strutting around in those seductive heels stowed in the back of your closet. Sure, your feet might be throbbing after a couple of hours, but once you catch a glimpse of your backside in a pair of these babies, you’ll have no problem biting the bullet.

2. Seduce the Guys with Smoky Eyes

The same way people tend to unlock a whole new personality when they wear costumes and masks, you can become your own evil twin with some seductive smokey eyes. I know what you’re thinking: “How original!” But you can make this makeup trend a bit more unique by adding a striking new twist. For example, apply your eyeliner in a cat eye shape for a sultry, dramatic look, or add some glitter for a glamorous sparkle and you should never forget to use the lash and brow tint from to enhance your look. For better coordination with your outfit, you can play with some colored eyeliner or shadow for a unique touch that brings your whole look together.

3. Bling Till You Sing

A night out is one of the few occasions when it’s actually okay to break all the rules of jewelry-wearing. My own personal motto is “the more bling, the better.” Eye-catching drop earrings are a great go-to for adding sparkle to your outfit without compromising your cleavage the way bold necklaces do. Bangles are another fun trend for a night out, but they can get a bit annoying if you’re going to be dancing a lot. So if you plan on cutting the rug, try a diamond-studded watch for a sophisticated style.

4. Tighter is Righter

Even though you might be used to dressing modestly during your day-to-day, use your night out as a fun opportunity to show off those curves and embrace your bod. A tight dress is always a hot item for a night out, and there are tons of awesome styles this season to rock with this basic clubwear item. For example, cut-out styles are big in the fashion world, so trim down your waist and show a subtle bit of skin with side triangle cut-outs. Peplum is another awesome trend that flatters your figure while forgiving a less-than-toned tummy.

Sometimes you can easily transition a look from day to night, but other times you have to create a whole new you with your wardrobe. For a much-needed night out with the girls or a romantic date with your man, let your inner wild child shine through with a one-of-a-kind style that gives fierce a whole new meaning.

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