How To Dress For A Virtual Presentation

It is becoming more and more common for people to attend online schools that require the ability to video conference for special project dates.  It is also no new concept for businesses to employ a hybrid meeting with the use of virtual technologies for communication purposes.  As our method of communication changes, it is important to note the changes in the way we present ourselves in these moments.

Whether a person is prepping for their first online speech for Public Speaking 101 at some online college, like Maryville University, or they are looking to impress future investors in a business meeting, it is crucial to understand what one should wear.  Here are a few helpful hints on how to present oneself in a virtual environment.

Dress to feel good

As a general rule, no matter the type of presentation, dress to feel good.  Wear clothing that encourages confidence and comfort.  Presenting to any group of people is a bit nerve-wracking for most, so be comfortable at least.

Avoid wearing anything that will be restrictive and distracting throughout the day.  Believe it, or not, there are plenty of formal clothing options that are just as comfortable as gym shorts.  Just take the time to invest research into wardrobe choices.

Dress to fit the occasion

Dress for the occasion.  If the occasion is a little league baseball game, then wearing a suit or dress would not be the most appropriate attire.  Allow common sense to guide the way.

When prepping for an important business meeting, dress to correlate with the brand, you can buy corporate uniforms online.  A business meeting for Nike might look a bit different than a business meeting for Forbes.  That being said, always dress a little better than the target audience.

Dress to prove a point when necessary

If the whole presentation centers around dinosaurs, for example, and the target audience is a group of five-year-olds, then it might be a great time to present in a dinosaur costume.  Take the situation into account when planning out what to wear.

It makes sense to wear a fashionable article of clothing if the presentation centers around a certain type of fashion or style.  Wearing a Tiffany & Co. bracelet while presenting to a group of jewelers might be a good idea.  It shows that the speaker knows something about fine jewelry.

Tips for the ladies

Unfortunately, women still need to be a bit more self-conscious about their choice of clothing then do men.  The most important guideline to follow is always to keep the goods covered.  The misogynistic world is still not ready.


When it comes to makeup, keep it simple.  Avoid trying anything flashy or fancy for a presentation.  The audience may lose the message in translation and be distracted by the bold decisions.

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