How to Dress for an Art Exhibition

An art exhibition is a great excuse to show off your style. But the art of dressing appropriately for an art exhibition is no straightforward affair. Art and fashion have close ties, and it’s not uncommon for people at an art exhibition to take the opportunity to dress as creatively as possible. Of course you should dress to feel comfortable, but you should also be aware that your outfit will probably be scrutinised by creatively practiced eyes.

The first thing you should consider is what type of art will be on show. If it’s a mixed media gallery there is likely to be a varied selection of artistic mediums and styles. If, however, it’s the gallery will be showing just one or two artists, it’s important to do some research into what kind of art will be on display.

The Modern Art Show

Modern art is an eclectic field, encompassing anything from unmade beds to graffiti and wall art. Therefore, dressing appropriately should mean finding a modern style that is as quirky as it is considered. Individuality is absolutely key. Browse runway shows to find out what’s most cutting edge – be it couture clothing or out-there accessories. But don’t go overboard; you don’t want to end up looking like part of the show.

The Nature Art Show

Nature-inspired art takes many form, but the most common subjects tend to be painted landscapes or animals. This classical form of art demands a more classical type of dress. Take your inspiration from people such as Kate Middleton, who exude elegance wherever they go. Think knee length bandage dress and tea-cut dresses, tasteful jewelry and cute cardigans. Try to coordinate with your partner – if they’re wearing a fashionable Watches2U watch, think about pairing it with one of your own.

The Crafty Art Show

Crafty art encompasses many things, from finely blown glassware to full size glass pianos. Above all, this type of art show is about eclectic eccentricity and individual style. Your inspiration for this type of show should draw from boho fashion and vintage style. Think crochet detailing, quirky charm jewellery and funky shoes.

Always Check the Invite

If you’ve been invited to an art show, it’s important that you check the specificities of the invite before you attend. Many art exhibitions dictate a particular dress code, which can make it much easier for you to dress for the occasion.

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