How to Out-Dress Your Co-workers, Without Looking Like a Try-Hard

Leaves are changing on the trees, the air is getting crisp, skin is beginning to peel back under layers of clothing, and summer memories are being etched into our minds with the vibrant hue of nostalgia. Autumn is upon us, and with it comes new opportunities to redefine ourselves, along with our wardrobe. If there’s one way to set the stage for a prosperous new year which lay around the corner, it’s to start early, and start with intention.

Mixing some haute couture into your workwear, and letting the flair flag fly a little bit says you’re not into doing the bare minimum. It screams you know where the bar is, and you’re raising it. A wise man once said “Dress for your next job, today”. While your co-workers may not like being outdone, you cannot fault a man who wears his wardrobe well.

Here are a few tips for how to add some fashion into workwear for men or women:

1. Start from the Top, Down

Fashion doesn’t begin and end with what you can purchase; Consider trading the summer mop for a side-part, and the beard for a clean shave you can find more info about in this elaborate beard guide. A side-part is a classic look made famous by the likes of Cary Grant and Steve McQueen, and you don’t need to be a hipster or a boy scout to re-employ this classic look; it’s safe, and all-inclusive.

2. Timing is Everything

Today’s pocket watch is our smart phone, but pull one out during a meeting and you’ll appear daft. Instead, consider using this every day problem an opportunity to shine with an authentic time piece. Keep your phone in your pocket; this little fashion accessory will make you appear more detail oriented.

3. Walk in Another Man’s Shoes

New results come by new actions. By now, you’ve owned your fair share of new shoes, and you’ve played with a few new looks, I’m sure of it. Some looks last forever, and some don’t. Some lose their sheen after a generation, and some remain distanced from the less initiated because they appear too brazen.

Monk straps look great, and they’re a little extraordinary. While some try to dress it up with striped socks and the same old footwear, they’ve got nothing on monk strap styled shoes. If you’re wearing neutral coloured clothing, consider solid and sharp colours for your footwear. Match those neutral grey suit trousers with solid black polished shoes, or solid white.

4. Put a Knot in it

Sure, silk ties rule the roost when it comes to men’s fashion, but around this time of year you’ve got additional options. For the next 5 months, you’re in wool territory. Try picking up a nice contrasting wool tie, and pair it against a neutral looking dress shirt. If that doesn’t float your boat, go neutral with the wool tie juxtaposed by a slightly more boisterous dress shirt. Either way you’ll stand out against a wall of anonymous suits.

5. Flash a Little Flair With Every Step

Socks don’t much line-of-sight time, but when you’ve got a good strut going from office to boardroom, flash a little argyle. Socks are that one place that just about anything goes and bright argyle fabrics are the new cartoon super-hero socks we enjoyed as kids, for adults.

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