How to Plan a Beach Wedding

If I was planning to get married again, I would definitely ask to party hire Melbourne to help me out to have a beach wedding. The thought of standing on a white sandy beach, palm trees swaying in the background, the waves lapping the shore and the sun setting on the horizon in a soft, pink glow, sounds very appealing. It would be a wonderfully romantic way to start married life. Imagine the memories!

As such, it is hardly surprising that beach weddings in hot, sunny places have become incredibly popular. But is a beach wedding all that it’s cracked up to be, or can you look forward to sunburn, mosquito bites, and food poisoning thanks to dodgy food in the resort restaurant?

Pick the Right Beach

Location is very important with a beach wedding. Tropical beaches are a good choice, but do make sure you go somewhere that is unlikely to be hit by a hurricane or any other bad weather system – in other words, don’t book your Caribbean beach wedding in November. Yes, it will be cheap, but the chances of the ceremony being blown away are quite high. To make it more memorable and special, look for a beachfront vacation rental for your accommodation.

Choose the Right Dress

A beach appropriate bridal gown is essential for a beach wedding ceremony. Traditional big frocks are a big no-no. You will find it impossible to walk down a beach wearing acres of silk and organza; you will also be much too hot if you are on a tropical beach. Dresses with too much fussy detail will also be a bad choice. Make sure to look good by choosing best bridal makeup artist. Your best bet is to go for a dress made from a lightweight fabric. Simple slip dresses are perfect for a beach wedding but be sure to go for a style that flatters your figure.

Leave the Heels at Home

There is no way you can wear heels on a beach. You could go without shoes for a really informal look, but the sand will be hot and ending up with second degree burns on the soles of your feet could put a dampener on the evening’s entertainment. Stylish flat sandals will be perfect for a beach wedding. And if you do want to say your vows in bare feet, organise a mat to stand on while you are saying your vows.

The Little Details

There are a lot of little things to think about when planning a beach wedding. You will need a sun shade or an outdoor wedding tent if it is baking hot, plus lots of bug spray unless you want to extend an open invitation to the local insect population. You can check out this waterfront wedding venue for your reception after your wedding. If it is windy, which it probably will be, a wind shelter could be useful, too. Privacy is another issue – do you mind if random people stop by to gawp at your wedding? If the ceremony is being held on a public beach, you may find it difficult to prevent by-passers watching. Make sure also to have special event restrooms for you guests.

Beach weddings are wonderfully romantic, but only if you and your guests are comfortable, learn more here. Try and keep the ceremony as short as possible to limit the likelihood of sun, wind, sand and insects blighting the occasion, and don’t forget to take some photos!

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