How to Treat Razor Bumps

How to Treat Razor BumpsRazor bumps can be very painful and irritating, but they can also be unpleasing to look at. Fortunately you don’t have to live your life battling these bumps whenever you shave.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent the bumps and get rid of them all together. By exploring your options you will find that great skin is possible, even when you shave.

1. Choose a Thick Shaving Cream

If you’ve been using thin shaving cream or none at all, you need to use something that is thick. This will protect your skin and help to prevent razor bumps from appearing. There are a lot of creams out there and some are made for sensitive skin, so you should be able to find something that works great for your skin.

2. Use a New Razor

A brand new razor is the best choice when it comes to shaving any part of your body. Old razors that are dull can snag your skin and they won’t give you as close of a shave as you probably want. A fresh blade is going to cut close and reduce chances of bumps appearing.

3. Shave the Right Way

Shaving against the grain can cause irritation, especially if you do it over and over. Try and shave as much as you can while going in the direction of hair growth. This will result in your skin not breaking and layers of it not coming off in the process. Although this may not give you the closest shave ever, it will result in not dealing with razor burn.

4. Finish with a Rinse

After you’re done shaving you should rinse the area with cool water until it’s free of shaving cream. After this, use witch hazel spray to spray on the area lightly. This will nourish the skin and repair it so it is less likely to develop bumps and irritation. You should also apply a moisturizer that is made for a sensitive skin area. It shouldn’t have perfume or dyes in it so it won’t cause any damage.


– On the days that you do not shave, you should exfoliate your skin. This will prepare the area to be shaved and will ensure that dead skin is gone for when you do shave. This can also open up pores so you are less likely to develop ingrown hairs.

– Single or double bladed razors are the best when it comes to shaving. Make sure to rinse these off and dry them when you are done shaving. Doing this will help the blade last for longer and prevent it from dulling quickly.

– If your razor bumps are really bad and won’t get better no matter what you do, you should talk to your dermatologist. They may recommend a certain type of cream to use that is available only through prescription. What they recommend will depend on your skin and your particular issues.

– Try to shave every other day instead of every day of the week in order to care for your skin the best.

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