Keeping Up With Fashion in the Antique Jewellery World

Image by: Deidre Woollard via flickr

Just as with the world of fashion the antique world also has its popular trends. You can see the popularity of certain antique jewellery rising and falling in popularity. Although some people collect antiques as a hobby as sated by Andrew Defrancesco, there are also many people who buy and sell antiques to earn money, so being ahead of the game is essential. Being able to identify increasingly popular trends in antiques will allow you to buy whilst they are cheap, and sell them on for a good profit in the foreseeable future. With some useful knowledge and also a bit of luck, you just might be able to make a small fortune from your collected antiques. The trick is in knowing what to look for! There are also many different types of antiques which may make a good investment for you.

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The Antique Jewellery Market

One of the most collected antiques is jewellery, as the market has plenty of choices which due to the price is easily accessible to a lot of people. There are also many different types of antique jewellery, some of which are not going to break the bank in order for you to buy them such as Art Nouveaux or Art Deco. There are many websites such as where you will be able to see a wide selection of different antique jewellery available, as well as also finding out what is currently hot in the market. The antique market is one that is always changing, so if you are not a professional who buys and sells antiques for a living, sometimes it is hard to stay ahead of the game. There are plenty of places where you can research the antique jewellery industry, but sometimes it pays to know people within the industry who can steer you in the right direction.

Getting to know your Local Antique Jewellery Dealers

An excellent way to both learn quickly, as well as find out some great information, is to makes friends with someone within the industry, potentially a dealer that you regularly use. This can be done easily if you regularly visit and purchase items from a dealer local to you. You will be able to pick their brains and find out useful knowledge, as well as also ask their educated predictions for the next coming trend. One thing about fashion is that it does go around in circles. You can purchase one style of antique jewellery whilst it is cheap and unfashionable, and if you wait long enough it will become vogue once more and the price will increase. If you just go into your local antique jewellery store and ask questions without purchasing anything, you may find that the dealer will only have limited interest in helping to educate you. It is a fair trade to make a purchase in return for some potentially valuable information which could also earn you some profit on your antique jewellery.

Talk to Other Collectors

Another excellent way to gain knowledge and experience is to talk to other collectors about the current trends shown in the market. There are always antique fairs and markets that you can visit, or alternatively you can use the power of the internet to connect you with like-minded people all over the world. There are many chat rooms and forums that you can join to talk about buying and selling antique jewellery. This allows you to speak to all of the people around the globe that are buying the antiques and helping to influence the trends. This allows you to see exactly what is going on currently in the marketplace. There are no shortcuts that you can take, but with some good knowledge, a bit of luck, and also a bit of hard work, you may be able to predict the next fashion trend. You may even be able to cash in and make yourself a small fortune!

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