Makeup Bag Essentials that every girl should be aware of

Along with eyeshadows and mascara, using the proper cleaners, primers and moisturizers can help you complete your flawless look. Even though there may seem like a lot of steps to take to achieve the perfect look, all of them are well worth it. Each step should only take an additional few seconds and once you get into a routine it will seem like nothing at all. Below are a few items that you can find in a collection from Younique. For more makeup and skin essentials go to Kosas

  1. Primer: This will undoubtedly be listed as the top, most essential product to be included in your makeup bag. A primer works to minimize your pores and create a smooth base which is perfect for the rest of the makeup. Although you can skip this step if your skin is naturally flawless, if there are some imperfections, using a primer will indeed be a fabulous choice.
  2. Concealer: Using a concealer can help cover any blemishes or other skin imperfections. You will want a concealer that offers full coverage and will blend into your skin. You will want to apply the concealer before your foundation.
  3. Liquid Foundation: There are many different types of foundations on the market. Liquid foundations goes on smooth and then will dry to a soft powdery finish. A good foundation will blur any imperfections on your skin while minimizing wrinkles and pores. You will want to find a foundation that is close to your complexion.
  4. Eye Serum: Eye serums are formulated to replenish, moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When using any type of eye cream or serum you want to gently dab around your eyes. You should avoid rubbing and pulling the skin under and around the eyes as much as possible.
  5. Daily Moisturizer: Moisturizing your face on a daily basis is an important step in taking care of your skin. Daily environments can cause your skin to become dry even if it doesn’t feel like it. You can apply the moisturizer to your face and neck before you apply concealer and foundation.

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